Suning Lioncel cleaning national investment exhibition fruitful 2017 poised

review: your unexpected enthusiasm

since December 9, 2016, Suning Lioncel cleaning Nanjing merchants will be successfully completed, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou tour of investment have been carried out, has attracted from all over the country to participate in the service provider. Chongqing Railway Station in December 27th, affected by the earthquake in the local area of Rongchang, a service provider on the high-speed rail trapped for nearly 2 hours, and finally rushed to the venue.

Suning cleaning operators Guangzhou Lioncel cattle company Chen Yongheng general manager, only Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou three in the number of investment will exceed 400 people, the signing of nearly 60 service providers. Among them, the Beijing area provides access to business places, were looted a blank after 20 minutes, Chongqing City nine area businesses looted places within an hour, the suburban merchants signed authorization is extremely urgent.

Nanjing merchants site signing service provider authorized certificate

Suning cub cleaning Guangzhou business site

site: full of warmth and surprise

December, Suning Lioncel cleaning four investment will be the service providers who must. Zhuhai Merchants Service Mr. Su Ning is the first cub cleaning franchise service providers, the person in charge of Mr. Jia in Guangzhou investment scene said: "the past are alone, although there are more than two years of experience in cleaning appliances, but the order is very difficult, not to mention the promotion. So, see Suning cub cleaning franchise began recruiting service providers, I immediately decided to cooperate with. Strong personal ability can not be divorced from the big platform, big brands, this is the development trend of the industry, is the trend of the development of contemporary internet society! "Mr. Jia said he believes that relying on Suning platform, coupled with our own efforts, 2017 will be a bumper year.

Suning cleaning service merchants Zhuhai Lioncel Mr.

in order to make cooperation service providers better understand Suning Lioncel cleaning prospects for the project, every business meeting, the relevant person in charge of Suning Lioncel cleaning will be on local market analysis. Suning Lioncel cleaning operators Guangzhou cattle company general manager Chen Yongheng said: "the scene of each investment will will provide businesses with the interpretation of joining policy, allow businesses to more clearly understand the project cooperation in the future, to achieve better development in order to help their career."

: the future will go hand in hand with you

Suning Lioncel cleaning cleaning business’s development so far, has almost cover all appliances. For the 2017 plan, has joined the amount of service businesses have full confidence in the work, Suning Lioncel washing to obtain further development.

The responsible commitment

Suning Lioncel cleaning, the future will join the United professional service providers, home appliance cleaning equipment and reagents supplier in Foshan city and environmental equipment Co.,.

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