Alibaba follow the trend of Dunhuang online push free online foreign trade model

through e-commerce platform, the product is sold directly overseas is the dream of every business owner. In the past, this is known as the "online foreign trade" way only by paying a lot of money to achieve membership fees. Yesterday, with the cancellation of the largest e-commerce website Alibaba small foreign trade membership fee, e-commerce market will usher in a violent shock.

fast sell through Trading Commission

Taobao has used free mode to defeat the international e-commerce giant’s eBay, and now the war has burned to the online foreign trade market. Yesterday, Alibaba engaged in export business for the first time launched the international station to allow the seller to sell free of charge, fast selling, and before this business is only for the payment of 19800 yuan membership dues.

reporters call the Alibaba that, from the beginning of last September, the Alibaba launched a small foreign trade business "aliexpress" business, but this business only to pay a 19800 yuan fee "China supplier" members. From yesterday, the "fast sell through" began to provide free landing service. No transaction is not charged, in the transaction under the premise of 5% commission." A customer service staff told the Shanghai daily reporter.

system will automatically provide the price of the above plus 5% of the cost, presented to overseas buyers, so from this point of view, in fact, the seller does not increase any burden."

does this mean that Alibaba online foreign trade business membership fee mode collapsed? In this regard, the Alibaba staff told reporters, "free aliexpress" only for a single amount of $600 following a small wholesale business, big trading policy unchanged.

online sellers lack of foreign trade

In fact, prior to this, the Dunhuang network on the first launch of the transaction fees online foreign trade, which reduces the threshold of entry, so popular

. Dunhuang network also recently obtained its third pen financing, financing scale of more than 300 million yuan.

Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong told the Shanghai Business Daily reporter, 1 million overseas buyers in the Internet, from the world’s 227 countries. Domestic sellers are only about 200000, I hope more sellers can log on. Since the adoption of a free landing, why the number of small and medium enterprises is still not enough? Wang Shutong said, mainly to promote the intensity of e-commerce skills and lack of talent these three reasons. "A lot of people think it difficult to do business with foreigners. In fact, with the help of online translation, logistics and other tools, many college students have done a good job." Wang Shutong cited an example of the Yiwu School of business administration, where the more than and 20 year old started his online foreign trade business only after months of training in Dunhuang. Some have developed to dozens of individual companies.

e-commerce outbreak

a survey shows that in 2010 China’s cross-border online foreign trade

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