From entertainment to Taobao earning 30 thousand experience

today is the first day of Taobao to express their experience here, in fact here is also inadvertently know, always think here are posted to advertise their own, I am also very hate ads, but today we know and see together some of the Taobao owner, Taobao has not engaged in this industry, to provide some people so I have published some of their views to those who can only do Taobao or

meet difficulties halfway!But I

from February 09 to now is only two blocks only, no success, but after all, is a friend, a light, hope we all Amoy friends in Taobao can achieve their own goals, a day can become the crown shop just the same.

gossip does not continue to start above figure

December 13, 2008 registration, the actual start is to start from 09 years after the Spring Festival in February began to operate slowly, said the business is still a little ashamed, because there is no time online, there are performances every month to plan. In fact, that is, in April to find customer service really began to do Taobao.

I do want to thank Taobao first "Zhang Zhenyu" may be a lot of people don’t know his name, but I just want to say "don’t hurt me again" I believe domestic few people do not know, because 06 years of the song downloads reached 1 customized ringing tone. Article 700 million.

(this photo I have been kept as a souvenir, because there is no show that day will not come into contact with Taobao) I and Zhang Zhenyu


08 years in Hangzhou and do a show, but a Zhejiang and a Hangzhou friend chat, just know Hangzhou has many girls, professional to do Taobao, actually I think Taobao is minor, earn a few thousand dollars a month on the death, although occasionally buy Taobao things, but that Hangzhou have a lot of girls, the daily income Taobao 10000, I was really shocked at that time, because I really can not imagine what a number, you need to know three stars of a mainland, a full month schedule will not have these Taobao sellers earn more. At that time I germination also try to do Taobao look at the idea.

but the idea is not enough, to learn, to see how others do, why can do so well. In second days I went to visit the company that his friend introduced to me. The impression I very memorable, because I didn’t think Taobao can there be so many spot, so many goods in stock, part-time than some small supermarket scale, I visited the shop a few of the display is less than 10, each commodity does not have a less than 5000 pieces, from that day I knew ——————- not do Taobao karate, first of all to have the goods, must be


summary of my points below my experience!

1, to a spot, the total count of karate, for now, Taobao has not fit, I do.

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