Alibaba registered domain name from Ali predicted the next strategy is Ali bank

      some time ago, a lot of people say they want to buy a domain name of my Ali family "". I was wondering why so many people want to buy this rice? This rice is 07 years registered in January 18th, when there was " and" meters, but the body is not much money, so there is no registration. "" was registered in 05 years. Now finally understand why so many people want to buy corn, because Alibaba will launch Ali bank platform. Oh, it seems that I did not take the eye vision

when I read the news that the Alibaba launched a software company (, so that the Alibaba must enter the field after many, many thought, the first time thought of Ali bank, Alibaba is estimated to open a bank. So the " to register. Why did you think the bank? Because Ali Alipay, most associated with the banking business. It has been confirmed, Ali Alipay company wants to enter the international network, so the bank or the virtual bank is Alibaba’s next target.

07 years in January also registered the "" "" and "", etc.. Because Ali’s own business is very relevant. Ali information means, I think that the Alibaba has been in the field of B2B is very mature, and the three core B2B is "trade, communication, information, so I estimate with the development of the Alibaba, Ali information will certainly become a big business Alibaba to the company development. It is also possible to develop independently. So Ali certainly valuable information. means "Ali Ali trade, integrity and Chinese supplier" is currently the main source of revenue of the Alibaba, so Ali trade is also one big business, with the development, may the fast independent business. So corn may also be acquired ali.

now I finally know why so many people want to buy some of my "" domain name, because Alibaba in 08 years, " and" to register. Registration information is Alibaba (we can personally view, I did not lie), so also has some potential value oh. Since the Alibaba launched Ali Mama advertising trading platform, Ali family were all crazy rush meters. It can be seen that the development strategy of Alibaba group will be more

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