QQ group marketing strategy group and group members of the two roles of marketing

in the Internet era, the development of network marketing will be imperative. QQ group marketing is a way of Internet marketing is very common, large enterprises, small individuals are often used in the QQ group to do the promotion, but we all know that the QQ group to do marketing, but do not quite understand the hidden skills. Don’t just apply mechanically to do marketing, follow the blue stars together to learn how to make their QQ group marketing down to earth is the most important. QQ group marketing good use of their own interests in the Internet is essential.

  blue star studio said here QQ group marketing is divided into two kinds of roles to do, as a group, the other one is for group members.

as the first talk about how to use QQ group marketing. As for the QQ group group, do be free in the group, there is no fear of being a group of T concerns. Although there is such a privilege, but still grasp the skills of marketing is the most important.

home page, QQ group to combine their own products and promote the industry

we need to pay attention to the establishment of QQ group, QQ group name must be combined with their own industry and their marketing products, and then for all of you may search, interested in the relevant keywords to establish marketing QQ group. Such as skin care, food culture, automotive hobby groups, etc.. In addition, the brief introduction of the group with a brief summary of the basic words can be, and then set the key word tags, which helps to find the QQ group through search and bring potential users and precision customers.

secondly, QQ group to promote the use of free network platform resources

for the promotion of their own QQ group, to make use of some network platform resources, can use the platform for the promotion of the forum, micro-blog space, etc. to promote their free QQ group, to encourage users to join, can also be through group membership management to pull friends to join the QQ group. Or use other QQ group, QQ group promotion website and other platforms to promote their QQ group, the use of gifts to encourage users to join QQ group, etc.. In short, many ways, the key needs to spend time and mind.

finally, QQ group operators need to focus on some tips

when their QQ group has a certain group of members, a certain number of customers, we must begin to focus on the development of customer trust, the establishment of long-term communication, and maintain a good relationship and atmosphere. Often irregular release some hot content, to encourage users to communicate and discuss topics, or; and we often like ordinary friends to talk, say. Nothing through group photo album, group files to share the company’s activities, product description, the use of e-books, etc.. Regular group QQ voice exchange will be held, to gather together to discuss, chat. Operation process, the group as far as possible not to the atmosphere of advertising too strong, to avoid the resentment of the group members. Ensure harmony within the group

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