WeChat marketing should be as much as possible to mobilize employees and customers to become the pro

employees and customers can become an extension of the enterprise, in fact, they also understand the enterprise, but understand to understand, always can not find a specific means of operation.

why do you want to promote your staff to promote what benefits, how to monitor the effectiveness of how to


customers why give you promotion, what are the benefits of promotion, through what kind of promotion, how to let the customer not only for you to promote, but also to promote consumption?

this is a problem in the past, these problems can not be resolved, so that employees and customers become the promoters of the company can not be realized.

this implementation is not a one-time accident, but the need to establish a long-term mechanism.

now each employee and customers, there is a WeChat, have a circle of friends, through the deployment of cluster intelligence micro advertising system, you can solve the problem.

through the establishment of network marketing system will be full, forwarding enterprise advertisement information with employees unified performance, through the system of employees’ forwarding advertising information of marketing effectiveness monitoring, to improve the staff’s participation in the enterprise network marketing enthusiasm and participation rate by rewards.

, for example, enterprises can take part in the delivery of advertising costs, advertising platform, unified advertisement content written by planner, each employee to the enterprise own micro advertising platform registered, and receive the advertising task.

employees will receive the advertising task, forwarded to their WeChat or micro-blog circle of friends, when people see, the system will be invested in the enterprise advertising budget, deduct a predetermined reward amount of reward to the employee’s personal account, this fee will be settled once every time period. As part of the employee welfare.

In fact, this part of the

enterprise advertising costs, ultimately translate into employee benefits, but also enhance the corporate marketing effect, which will promote the enthusiasm of the employees involved in the enterprise network marketing as before, do not know the enterprise, more or less, companies do not know.

and employees do, companies will know, and there are incentives, so that employees participate in enterprise network marketing will become more dynamic.

for customers, we are certainly not required, but can lure.

customers or potential customers, by adding enterprise promotion plan, to help enterprises forward advertising, when the customer’s circle of friends to show browsing, the system will give customers a reward amount.

this award can be cash, exchange or value.

cash withdrawal, the benefits of the customer is direct, the customer to help enterprises to advertise, enterprises pay a certain amount of advertising should be paid. But some customers may not be willing to pay for it.

exchange, the customer can be included in the conversion of advertising into the company’s derivative products or services, in fact, this will change >

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