n depth analysis of the circle of friends marketing should pay attention to what issues

with the popularity of smart phones, WeChat’s coverage is getting higher and higher, which laid the foundation for WeChat marketing. Relying on the circle of friends, and precise goals, WeChat can implement precision marketing. WeChat circle of friends, is the first battlefield of marketing. But at present, the circle of friends of marketing is not perfect, many people have misunderstandings on the circle of friends, simply think that increased exposure, can do marketing circle of friends, in fact, full screen advertising and help to enhance the quality of marketing. And once the number and quality of advertising is not good, then it is likely to be pulled black, once this step, then all marketing behavior is completely unnecessary. So many people in the circle of friends aimed at marketing today, we should pay attention to what the problem, how to do a good job in the circle of friends marketing


first, more and more advertising sales. It is a deeply mistaken idea to equate the volume of advertising and exposure to the quality of marketing. Whether it is micro-blog, WeChat, one of the basic functions of his entertainment function, share our comments, interactive relaxation is the first function of WeChat, is also a major feature. Just imagine, WeChat open the circle of friends, advertising everywhere, what would you feel? Very disgusted with wood? The main role of advertising, just a reminder, let the concept of brand impression in the audience in mind, he does not have direct purchase, improve the marketing function, many factors, marketing involves product attributes, core selling point, transmission, purchase channels are issues to consider, is not able to completely solve the circle of friends.

second, effectively enhance the visibility of WeChat. Circle of friends marketing relies on WeChat platform, access to high browsing and hits, is an important way to promote product awareness. Do the marketing circle of friends who don’t work in advertising systematically, and should enhance the visibility of the WeChat, big reputation, brand awareness of nature without problems. Do empathy, blindly desperately advertising, the audience will think his products nobody wants? Is not eager to deal with these things? So, the establishment of the initial trust, do a WeChat account, WeChat to enhance visibility, it is a convenient way to the circle of friends of marketing.

third, to be familiar with the characteristics and visibility. On the WeChat to marketers, this is very important, must be in their own field, to promote their own familiar with the product, the only way to selling products, characteristics, function well, in response to the buyer’s question, will put some answers. Do marketing, must be targeted, avoid eyebrows beard grabbed the so-called cut such as the hills, in a strange field, using a virtual platform to do marketing, will undoubtedly make a huge risk.

fourth, increase the value of the circle of friends marketing. In many cases, a lot of people do a circle of friends with a lot of marketing blindness, they do not know what time, what needs to be issued, who is the target customers, etc.. Any time, we can not be arbitrary and blindness, which is WeChat marketing account, not a private account.


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