Research on B2B website promotion strategy

a, the development of a perfect site planning:

to do any station, we must first have a goal and direction. What kind of station to do, how to stand there is the market? The most important is the positioning of the site for feasibility analysis, the development of a perfect site planning program is extremely important;

two, web site optimization:

web page optimization methods, such as: common, and so on. ALT image tags can add some key words to describe the picture. Like some Jave program code can be included with the JS file, thereby reducing the size of the page, increase access speed. There are many ways to optimize the page, have to rely on their own daily accumulation;

three, free login search engine:

uses search engine software or free landing landing site to B2B station, the site to submit to each big search, such as Baidu, YAHOO, Google and other well-known search. The survey found that 80% of Internet users from search engine;

four, "viral" advertising:

There are many

so-called viral advertising, such as QQ group, Email group, the forum etc.. This traditional way of publicity is annoying, but the effect is still there;

five, resource promotion strategy:

, such as a video site using popular movies for post production, and add their own web site and advertising, as well as a photo station to increase the free design of the signature column, and in the network card to add advertising. There are a lot of funny, scary textures, designers in the lower corner of the picture to add advertising. Some software download stations usually add text to the software compression file. All of these, I personally think that can be called "resource promotion" strategy, the promotion of targeted, the effect is obvious;

six, in the relevant website promotion:

B2B website has many, not in all of the B2B site for publicity and promotion, but we can publish information and information on the website. As in a web site included in the website of the business site classification stop landing site. In short, we want to identify the object to avoid the flow of waste;

seven, friendship connection and advertising:

we can put their own site, with some of the site to exchange links, but also with each other exchange advertising or flow. Even so, still can’t achieve the effect, then you can go to the relevant portal site advertising, however, such a large investment, not very cost-effective;

eight, enhance website visibility:

we can work with the media, the government to enhance the visibility of the site, thereby increasing the credibility of the site, improve site visits. This kind of propaganda way to commercial website promotion effect is very big;

nine, the use of hot spots to attract users:

some time ago, making the unspoken rules

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