The core of the original marketing work in the face of the project

said the marketing of this big topic, outside the speech is all kinds of love all sorts of gossip, say a few words, get a little puzzled, too too profound to be understood. So in the end what is propped up the marketing work one day, said the loss of a supporter, as long as the tree does not fall, not without suspicion, no assumptions, no more the potential danger of the so-called. So all this should start from the source, eventually, only to seize the lifeline, to wield the marketing of this ribbon. So what needs to seize the key to ensure the stable development of marketing.

first point: the establishment of brand trust, interests can be lost, reputation can not be lost. A system of marketing work in all sectors should be cannot do without image project, and layers of parcels, interlocking, which is today said face. If any enterprise for a moment of his image as the petty profits, consumer price, can be said that is the The loss outweighs the gain. its image and to the consumer, the price is in the spoil yourself, hit his face. Everyone firewood high flame, the marketing work of everyone to maintain, to observe, to establish a good brand image, not only in the scene of debauchery world lose direction. Not afraid of difficulties encountered in the development, even encountered a shortage of funds, but also in good faith, furthermore, marketing lost enough, launched the immediate interests of protecting brand reputation, if the reputation if lost, later want to very difficult, this is equal to a pool of stagnant water depletion, no longer chew.

second: marketing purposes must be simple and clear, to the people close to the people. The marketing slogan in the hidden mystery that is misleading, if playing word games, false marketing, then lost its meaning. Most of the time, the marketing to the marketing activities to a climax, the fancy or overhead way, it does not have any significance for the marketing of products, is in a low level performances, seriously say that in the blind lively. Therefore, the purpose of marketing must be simple and clear, so that consumers can see clearly, a side know, so marketing theme is straight cut key. Quweicunzhen, marketing policy is to the people in the people, close to the people, to understand public opinion, not to marketing activity, but to implement the marketing to each link, to do more to prevent the conversion rate to increase steadily.

third: marketing activities to let consumers buy it, have to mention the sake of consumers. This is once again stressed that the interests of consumers is the focus of this event too much, is deep, do not suffer in the campaign. Here is a simple example of a true and you know, a small town two supermarkets opened at the same time, the opening day, a big rally, please show team, and distributed gifts, engage in promotional marketing activities are rich and colorful. What another has not made, only one day is the purchase of goods will be thirty percent off, finally, the latter is bustling, the former is no. Why? The answer is very simple, the former campaign, those are boo head, which give consumers more practical.

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