July flow accounted for the proportion of dynamic the other chain eroded nearly 2% decline

IDC network (idcps.com) on 26 August 08 reports: the latest data released by Baidu statistics show that in 2015 July, domestic traffic entrance browsing accounted for relatively in the amount of direct access to the king, the proportion reached 41.89%, an increase of 1.13%. On the contrary, the proportion of other chains continued to decline, a decrease of 1.93%, down to 28.63%. Below, please pay attention to the IDC review network with the domestic traffic in July accounted for more than five of the total amount of detailed data entry.


(Figure 1) in July the volume of domestic traffic accounted for

observation Figure 1, can be seen in July, the domestic flow of the entrance of the top five list of visits are direct access to other chains, search engines, social media, navigation sites. Among them, direct access to the chain, and other search engines still occupy the top three, the proportion reached more than 20%, followed by 41.89%, 28.63%, 23.47%, a significant advantage. In contrast, the performance of social media and navigation sites mediocre, each accounted for 3.26%, 2.75%, and ranked last month swap.


(Figure 2) June and the domestic traffic entrance comparison in

in July

IDC review network through figure 2, in July, direct access to outstanding performance, which accounted for an increase of more than in June, an increase of 1.13%. Accounted for the same to achieve the same search engine, social media, or 0.08%, respectively, or 0.90%. Social media accounted for 3% of the breakthrough, which is the main reason for its ranking rise.

addition, it is worth noting that other than the proportion of the chain was severely eroded, a decline of 1.93%, a significant increase in the decline, down below 30%, the development of the situation is not optimistic. The proportion of navigation sites also continued to decline, and the decline increased to 0.18%, which is one of the reasons for its ranking is beyond the social media.

in summary, we can see that the proportion of the other than the majority of the chain was direct access to erode, showing that the two competition is fierce.

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