One statement 2008 Shanghai nternet grassroots Conference

Hello everyone, I am: add new, screen name: one party. I am the founder of the Shanghai webmaster Association, is the grassroots conference organizers. I operate the site is: Friends Book Network (, a study on the online study community, I like web2.0.

Shanghai webmaster Association referred to as SWP, is a non-governmental nature of spontaneous organization, was formally established in June 30, 2007. I am the sponsor, Wang Chenyun served as honorary president of SWP. We set up a management team of 6 people.

SWP has been the strength of the grassroots polymerization has been allowed to provide a platform for grassroots exchanges and cooperation. 2007 organized the 6 phase of the gathering, a total of more than 500 owners to participate. There are owners in the party activities, found the venture capital, have found the team members, have found a business partner, as well as people find a job…… Resources have been effectively flow and configuration. If SWP is successful, then the success lies in getting a positive response from the grassroots, but also: we have a strong executive power.

The organizational principles of

SWP are self-organization, self operation and self service. The "three" principle, as today’s grassroots conference, the so-called "staff" to all the webmaster or Internet company peers — that is our self organization characteristics. Here, I would like to stand on behalf of the Shanghai webmaster Association, to work with the operator of the company’s peers, said: Thank you for your hard work!

remember 07 years at the end of April, I organized the first phase of the Shanghai station in the field Party, met first webmaster, he said to me: what time we grassroots webmaster in five star hotel to organize a meeting! I said: This is a bit difficult, more distant! He said: I believe there will be a day the time I don’t have any resources.

but today, just today, I want to say the webmaster, I did it! Shanghai webmaster association did not five-star hotel,! But this is not important, the important thing is that we are small people realize their dreams! The station today should also in the scene, the Zhao Xian brothers, in it


I want to thank a design company, they have been in the obligation to support the work of the SWP, today all the design site is out of their hands, which is the knowledge of marketing planning company, told Mr. Lei Zhu, Mr. Mega designers also came to the scene. Today still sent a photography team (Choreographer: Niu Zhongming), the open society spirit of cooperation, we should separate to know clap.

today, the grassroots webmaster as the protagonist of the annual event — grassroots conference finally opened! Before all my tired, confused, wandering, have been unable to speak, 000 burden suddenly disappears. We have experienced the replacement of the venue of the meeting, at the moment, I just want to enjoy, smile, applause.

has a few words from the bottom of the heart and the grassroots webmaster said: please pay attention to.