Runaway comic and cold jokes are up to know how much behind three new board heat warming you

speed transit network comments (commentator: Zhai Ziyao) new three Redubujian seems to have been a growing trend in this September, several tiger sniffing, runaway comic, joke and other small and medium enterprises have listed.

every day you pay attention to cold jokes and cartoons are now on the new board

a, three new board constantly warming for what?

tiger sniffing technology was founded in February 24, 2012, the legal representative of the company Li min. As of July 31, 2015, the company has a total of 50 employees; according to the accounting firm audit report shows that tiger sniffing technology in 2013, in 2014 and in 1-5 operating income was $3 million 500 thousand, $9 million 260 thousand and $5 million 650 thousand.

In addition to

, you may not have heard of LIAN, LIAN Feibo Yongxuan, but you must know the joke, runaway comics. Yes, runaway comic investor LIAN Yongxuan, cold rabbit investor Feibo several companies will also have listed on the new board. So what is the fire of the new three board in the end what is the first thing we first popular science:

the "new three" refers to the original market of Zhongguancun science and Technology Park unlisted Limited by Share Ltd to enter the pilot agency share transfer of the system, because the listed companies are high-tech enterprises listed company delisting companies and the original STAQ, NET system which is different from the original transfer system, so called "the new three board". The significance of the new three board is mainly for the company, will give the company, the company has brought great benefits. At present, the new board is no longer confined to the Zhongguancun science and Technology Park unlisted Limited by Share Ltd, unlisted Limited by Share Ltd is not limited to Tianjin Binhai, Wuhan East Lake and Shanghai Zhangjiang to pilot, but non listed Limited by Share Ltd equity trading platform nationwide, mainly for the medium and small micro enterprises.

why are there so many companies listed on the new board it? For the company, how much benefit?

1 financial support:

different regional park and government policies, enterprises can enjoy the park and government subsidies.

2 easy Finance:

three new board (listed companies) can be implemented after the listing of private placement of shares to improve the company’s credit rating, to help companies faster financing.

3 wealth added:

three new board listed companies and shareholders of the stock can be traded in the capital market at a higher price, asset appreciation.

4 share transfer:

shares of shareholders can be legally transferred to improve the liquidity of equity.

5 transfer board listing

Once the

transfer mechanism, the company can enjoy the green channel".

6 company development:

is conducive to improving the company’s capital structure, and promote the company’s standardized development. < >