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      the day before, chinahr.com "will be sold" a thing to be confirmed. It is reported that the end of last year, the United States online news online recruitment giant Monster company seeking to sell its subsidiary chinahr.com news, a ripple. According to the January 24th unconfirmed news that chinahr.com has been "my job network acquisition, acquisition of the amount of $30 million. Insiders said that the traditional model of a single network recruitment profit, homogeneity and vicious cycle of serious development, and social network recruitment is growing influence on the prospects of traditional network recruitment.


Monster in order to reduce operating expenses to sell chinahr.com

days ago, chinahr.com written reply "rumors will be sold," said "even in the face of global recession and long slow recovery and thus significantly against the employment situation, Monster has also taken a lot of measures to improve the profitability of his. Seeking to sell chinahr.com does not mean that chinahr.com has been sold, which simply means that the Monster in the initiative to seek every opportunity to promote the better development of chinahr.com. In the meantime, chinahr.com will promote business as in the past. Chinahr.com will continue through the online platform and campus recruitment platform with excellent talents for customers".

according to public information, in 2005, Monster invested $50 million acquisition of 40% stake in chinahr.com, then gradually increase in investment, until 2008, Monster to $174 million acquisition of the remaining equity to complete the network of excellence, the company’s wholly-owned acquisitions. Here, the Monster of chinahr.com total investment amounted to $243 million.

in January 24th this year, Chinese HR salon CEO Wang Wenbin in his personal micro-blog chinahr.com said, "I have been working net acquisition, acquisition of the amount of $30 million, not less than $10 million before rumors. However, this news has not been officially confirmed. Previously, Monster released the 2012 three quarter earnings data show that Monster third quarter revenue is still below market expectations, down 10.5% to $222 million; compared to the 2011 third quarter profit of $31 million 800 thousand, a net loss of $194 million 200 thousand in 2012. The three quarter earnings report included chinahr.com from a loss of $233 million, including $225 million of non cash assets impairment. Monster said in the earnings report, is seeking to sell its wholly-owned subsidiary of chinahr.com to reduce operating costs, and will complete the transaction within the time limit in the delineation of "the end of the fiscal year".

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