Daily topic Mango TV completed 500 million yuan A round of financing valuation exceeded 7 billion

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 11th news, Hunan radio and TV station, happy sunshine (mango TV operate) chairman Nie Mei said, mango TV has completed the A round of financing, financing over 500 million yuan of funds, released less than 7% of the shares, the valuation of the company exceeded 7 billion. During the year, mango TV intends to landing three new board.

it is understood that mango TV is Hunan radio and television in the development of new media integration efforts to promote the development of the Internet platform. Mango TV officially launched in 2008, the Hunan radio and television the only Internet video platform supply from Hunan happy sunshine interactive entertainment media company responsible for specific operations; in 2010, Hunan radio and Television Bureau of Hunan radio and Television Bureau to complete the separation of Taiwan and by Hunan broadcasting television media market mango holdings listing, Taiwan business resource assets, happy sunshine full into the mango media.

mango TV since April 20th last year, the implementation of the independent broadcast strategy, the number of users within 2 months from 100 thousand to 10 million. At present, the total platform users exceeded 60 million. Especially in the beginning of this year alone broadcast I am a singer in the third quarter, mango TV was boarded App  store free download first. Official information shows, I was a singer, mango TV has brought 2 million users a day.

compared with the existing video circle from scratch rivals, backed by Hunan radio and Television Group’s mango TV in policy, brand, content production, fan conversion and popular IP has a congenital advantage. Hand Internet TV license mango TV, in the home Internet can also have more stories to listen to the market. Therefore, simply from the valuation point of view, there are still a lot of mango TV rise.

Analysis of

insiders said that if the mango TV do not like the excellent soil as big and complete, not to speak of those "platform" story, so do their "small is beautiful" is also a huge potential, and the star fans show the effect of broadcast alone is its advantage compared with the one and only other platforms.

"Mango TV and Internet business investment will persist until we can not insist on. This determination is made by our decision after years of exploration, television new media do not despair sooner or later." Nie Mei believes that Hunan satellite TV has advantages compared to the Internet, is the content of creative production, has formed a mature system, with the contents of continuous innovation, can be established with Internet technology and entertainment company gene.

Nie Mei said, mango TV contracted advertisement amount this year has reached 800 million yuan. Mango TV with 1 years, finished the other video sites 5 to 8 years to finish the road. Mango TV relies on the strong content of Hunan satellite TV resources, is becoming a new force in the rise of the video industry, if the successful landing of mango TV three new board, with financial support, is bound to impact on the mainstream video site

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