Survey shows that in March every two hours disappear a buy site


in March, every 2 hours there are more than 1 buy site collapse or turn to do other business.

day before the group purchase data navigation site group purchase 800 released in March showed that as of the end of March, the domestic group purchase website of a total of 3269, compared to February evaporate 357, but only 10 months ago, on the market there are 5058 group purchase website in the fight, less than a year, nearly 2000 of small group purchase website. In this regard, the 800 Group founder Hu Chen believes that the new trend in March is shown, the integration has spread to the comprehensive ranking before the war.

group 800 statistics show that in March the total sales amounted to 1 billion 730 million yuan to buy, breaking the record of $1 billion 580 million last year in December, buy the industry as a whole level of sales. Among them, the first quarter of the film tickets to buy a total turnover of nearly 400 million yuan, accounting for about 11% of the total domestic movie box office, accounting for 2011 compared to an average increase of 4 percentage points. But the rise in sales did not reduce the rate of consolidation in the industry, in March, there are 357 buy site for other businesses or completely turned off.

"the strong stronger and the weak weaker," Matthew effect "not only in the group purchase industry is increasingly obvious, and in the top ten websites are further from the clear echelon." Hu Chen analysis, "the recent high-profile Wo Wo Group took over the market group purchase business, F group and high friend merger rumors, enough to prove that the comprehensive integration of industry group purchase has spread to the top of the big station. Integration will further exacerbate."

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Li Kaifu (micro-blog): buy a lack of localization improvement

is a successful entrepreneurial idea with money? Yesterday at the first people plan entrepreneurship competition start conference, Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu pointed out that, for entrepreneurs, these are the most important is to understand the trend, excellent team, localization and management experience. For example, buy in foreign countries is a good thing, but to China has changed, more than 6 thousand and 500 companies compete, we can not make money. Entrepreneurs do not find a viable way to learn foreign models in china."

thousand plan is the implementation of the national talent work coordination group led by the introduction of high-level overseas talent plan". Designed to attract more overseas talent to return home or venture in china. The competition to provide a total of about 30 million yuan of funds of the venture capital, the steering committee of luxury lineup, including Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Huateng, Li Kaifu, Li Ji, CEO’s well-known venture capital Deng Feng.

in the past few months, buy site collapse tide, electricity supplier investment theory of winter and other haze has been shrouded in Internet startups. In this regard, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge (micro-blog) said yesterday that China is still the best place to start the business environment, and by Europe and the United States, India and other regions of the fund’s attention. < >

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