Confirmed 24 off all the websites are not false news

the afternoon of February 23rd, the major media have reported "IT Ministry: all did not record the site will be closed in 24 days" before 16, after a number of IDC operators to WEB development network confirmed that the notice only for individual operators, not the notice to the user is currently around IDC related explanation work.


reported that the Ministry recently issued a "notice" carried out the total site cleanup and filing of the special action, the notice requirements of each ISP (Internet service provider) must be at 16:00 on February 24th before the closure of all has not yet received the record number of the stock of the website. News a, immediately caused a strong reaction of the majority of enterprises and individuals, the industry speculated that may be more than hundreds of thousands of sites will be affected by the closure.

on the evening of 23, including Fujian, Shaanxi, Hefei, Henan and other places more than IDC to WEB development that has not received the notice, with the local communications administration confirmed the news reporting, is currently actively to do related work to explain the user.

but experts remind, according to the Ministry of information industry and the "non operating Internet information service record management approach" and other relevant laws and regulations, those who engage in non operational Internet Information Services Web site in the territory of People’s Republic of China to apply for in accordance with the procedures, and recently is the "crackdown", timely record and clean up the site of bad information, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. At the same time, we should also guard against bad IDC with all kinds of so-called "internal notice" and other reasons for the interruption of service.

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