Rumor was the fence net new progress liba com domain name has been restored to normal access

renamed China ( August 8th hearing, it is reported that at the end of the month, only because of rumors spread of information has been ordered to shut down for rectification punishment of the fence net, has made new progress. Yesterday, the official microblogging news release, "the fence the domain name has now returned to normal, you can continue to access through". Once trapped in the plight of the official website domain name, strong again.

figure: micro-blog information

it is understood that in July 17th this year, the fence can not log in. The reason is that the site has suspected rumor posts, this fence network feel wronged, it said, "when the background had monitored the post, but because the pornographic content does not involve the content of the post, there is no sensitive words, so there is no time to remove it". But the fence is still actively cooperate with relevant departments to review and rectification.

subsequently, the fence network release micro-blog said, at present, we can still access the fence community through, mobile client is fully restored. The site in each section of the top position announcement, briefly explain the shut down. In another development, as early as 4 years ago, the fence net had been shut down for rectification of individual post jurisprudence, domain name parsing. Later on the line, which strengthened the supervision of the post, the lying gun again, which said it would further strengthen supervision.

whois information

China domain whois information query by name, domain name domain name from state before the "clientHold" to "OK". Currently, the site has a normal access. The fence nets were ordered to shut down rectification for alleged rumor, but also to other Internet companies a wake-up call. The future, the state Internet information office and other relevant departments will also increase the rectification efforts to crack down on Internet rumors pass rumors behavior.

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