07 dating site development will show 5 major trends

2007 January 10th, highly anticipated Netguide 2007 China Internet survey report was released in Beijing, China’s first batch of key Internet market data for the first time disclosed in 2006. The main market segments 2007, 2008, as well as the forecast data at the conference site as well as the investigation of the main website announced.

Netguide 2007 China Internet survey report shows that in 2007 the development trend of the integrated portal eight:

      dating sites will have a breakthrough in the last three years. Three reasons: the first reason is the market demand, the potential huge market capacity, such as unmarried school-age has 39 million Internet users, and entertainment needs of Internet users friends is almost equal to the total number of Internet users China reached more than 100 million; the second reason is the intervention of the capital, the amount of investment in 2006, the main website of more than $50 million and the market has accumulated to the eve of the outbreak, such as dating websites and marked SNS label new dating site, the capital at this time is expected to market potential; the third reason is to cultivate the habit of users, and after 80 years with the emerging Internet population grew, they grew up with the Internet from the perspective of the society, China 79 years of one-child policy, this generation has grown up, the two aspects of the role The result is that online dating, whether it is entertainment or love or business will become this generation and generations of people more and more familiar with the life, become a way of life.

      the trend of vertical integration of dating websites began to increase. From the site of a specific crowd gathered / effective matching to select the quality of information to the web site services, dating site service trends have been clearly shown. In other words, the site is an effective combination of online and offline dating site is an important weight and effective way to occupy the commanding heights of the future market. Can play the advantages of online and offline integration into a complete user service for a complete industrial chain of the whole site will occupy an advantage.

      new Internet applications such as search / location / map / new community will be applied to the dating site. The development of the integration of the many emerging Internet dating sites will be constructed more good user experience which pulled the industry. An example is the WAP friends, including "friends" and SMS application based on WAP SNS and so on, the future of these applications will undoubtedly bring more convenient to mature and convenient dating experience the rapid development of industrial pulled up.

      market segmentation. For comprehensive and entertaining friends website, how to make the subdivision for the huge crowd, the characteristics of human behavior as a subdivision, is directly related to promote effective communication and advertising is the key value of membership fees.


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