Alibaba PO Ma and Sun Zhengyi eat meat

who knows ma? He is the Li Kaifu of Google, YAHOO or Yang Zhiyuan? He is a foreigner to help the money machine, or a good management to help China towards the internationalization of the company? Today, see a very interesting post in the forum, "the promise" and the Alibaba IPO


would you like to follow me?." "Why?" "follow you, there’s meat to eat". This is a bright answer from the Japanese in Kunlun.

MA in Sun Zhengyi, Kunlun in the light, whether it can be compared to


recently commented that Ma will become the Alibaba IPO spectators are trustworthy? It will analyze from the perspective of the allocation of shares, YAHOO accounted for 39% of the shares (which accounted for 4% of the shares of Yang Zhiyuan YAHOO, Sun Zhengyi YAHOO accounted for 33% of the shares), the investor will base the shares accounted for 20.1%, Sun Zhengyi will stand 29.3% shares (not including it from YAHOO to cover the shares of the Alibaba), Ma and his staff will hold 11.6% shares. At present, it is impossible to determine who will be the largest shareholder of Alibaba group, but it is certain that the shares of Ma Yunzhan is indeed very little.

Ma and Alibaba employees really just follow Sun Zhengyi who eat meat? In fact, YAHOO to $1 billion acquisition of 39% of the shares of the Alibaba, Sun Zhengyi had cash of $360 million Taobao shares, other original investors have cash. It is reported that the IPO will have nearly 5% of the shares will be cash.

as for Ma is not a senior workers, it depends on how you understand it when you put the Alibaba as an international company, then, Ma is similar to Yang Zhiyuan such a good manager. If the Alibaba as a China company, then Ma became "traitors".

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