Brand is dead Please stop it

do not know when, on the rise of a burst of "brand is dead" argument, meaning that in the Internet era, the brand is not important. In fact, I think that the brand is dead, just like a person can not say the same ridiculous name.

The source of the

brand is very simple, is said to be a former merchant with iron made good recognition shape, red hot after printed on its own production of things, easy to recognize. Later, its function is changed, change from the need of self recognition for buyers need recognition, because the commodity is relatively abundant in those people who buy things will be compared to find the best, remember that the best, the most convenient is to remember the brand of it. Later, the brand has gradually developed into the concept of the brand.

so, brand is a brand that is a bit scary, a token. If a brand can instantly put people under, it is really like a leader of the same token. Jobss Apple has the deterrent force. This deterrent is not a day for two days to make the brand assets need long-term accumulation and precipitation.

The impact of

on the Internet, to brand the concept came out, but I think it is only in the present China Internet this chaotic state struggling to survive for a time not too long.

one day, see a friend wearing a very beautiful clothes, in the past asked him: Wow, so Wei water, where to buy?

he smiled and said: buy online.


I went on to ask, "where did you buy it? I’d like to see it if I have time.".

he smiled and said: buy Tmall.

I’m happy to say: Well, the link to me.

yes, this is a complete dialogue. Its reputation path is where to buy – Online – Tmall – link". Yes, Tmall direct links, very few people go to ask which brand is. In fact, when people ask us online shopping where home is good, nothing more than a few answers: Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, one store, Amazon, as for the specific is what brand, what I really don’t know, maybe this is the legendary to brand.

I remember the first time to buy things online, look forward to that kind of excitement? Yes, now online shopping still preheating it, some related with avant-garde fashion, such as the now booming rural online shopping. As long as the absolute value of this acceleration is large enough, the excitement of the public mind will stay in the fun of online shopping, rather than the deeper emotional value of goods and services behind.

this can be said to be a kind of online shopping addiction bonus. Online shopping this thing itself is very enjoyable, so deep brand of things, have no time to pay attention. If for example in this case, China e-commerce is like a bazaar, is still bustling, goods than three stage, have not formed a good commercial street. In >

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