The first problem encountered in the personal web publishing

suddenly see hao123 was acquired by Baidu "news", in fact, is the news, the impression is very mediocre website, and GOOGLE, was shocked:

1, China’s Internet users really so low? In fact, when I think of the first two days when I would like to find a few web site design reference model, suddenly do not know how to start, check the collection of articles, are not in the flow. If you start from the hao123, it should be very convenient. Think before two days old father-in-law called to buy a computer online, the father-in-law can not think of Chinese Pinyin yo, three in front of the hotel open chefs love the Internet to kill time, whether they are too lazy to use or not use Google and Baidu, these people’s purchasing power and the value of the areas in which reason this is why the hao123 in the Internet bar is the fire. Another major Internet cafes are students. In fact, the use of Google and Baidu to find the key words is the need to choose the skills, these skills are pupils, middle school students and migrant workers can be familiar with.

2, hao123 actually have such a high flow, is not thought of. Are domestic users are so dishes? Whether because second users now in the outbreak period, the outbreak of the first time I remember also used this directory search, but should not, whether hao123 just in time for the second outbreak of the moment, whether I will have to wait until the second outbreak of users to become a veteran can really solve the problem of the original users.

3, hao123 is undoubtedly aroused a lot of thinking, but the domestic second personal website must come at the peak, the space agency website would send a. Another problem is the personal experience, how strange this problem has already been a very important issue in the software sharing, and now the site is filed, the site is so backward. The last question is a business plan may really not so important, the business plan should be completed in the last step of all plans to always believe that a good website can solve the problem of funding. Because it is "no time to write a business plan".

4, in the end, but also Baidu can buy hao123 at this time, a search boss, the lack of directory search, although this is the network’s initial search. Two, hao123 at this time seems to have a lot of traffic. Three, the village did not leave a store, then maybe this group has become the second rookie game, hao123 will lose its value, but at what time? Hao123 webmaster put every month 1 million don’t want to sell it?

in short, the acquisition of hao123 is expected to grow a number of new users. The importance and has been suspected of investment is again increased suspicion.

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