Analysis of micro business micro marketing five wrong practices

micro business how much fire, we can see. And I have not used the WeChat. Usually are some friends in the above God blowing.

I’ll give you the situation I have to analyze. To call the wrong way to operate WeChat. We can serve as a reference.

(Note: the following points are also trying to micro marketing!!)

a random add friends

I WeChat often have a nearby person search add me as a friend. Confirm friends, chat ah what, it began to sell products. Skin care products! I resolutely refused, I a man with you this thing to do. She / he says you can buy it for your girlfriend. Then I decided to delete him. My girlfriend


comment: is it meaningful to do so? Plus people have no meaning, the final result is blacklisted.

two, overwhelming brush circle of friends

one day, I found the original students in the circle of friends in the sale of the mask. I do not oppose you in the circle of friends to sell mask. But you have 3 pages. What is your product. Finally, I set up the dynamic shield.

comment: do interesting? Let everyone dislike shuabing. Understanding of the exchange circle is a dynamic circle of friends, do not know in exchange for the fate of the blacklist.

three, bask in the sun!

there was a time when I see a lot of dry things, do not think he really is build up the family fortunes. The majority is in order to more home. The sun, sun sun sun income to pay an invoice. Various drying. Is it true that you sold so much? I don’t know if it’s true or not. Anyway, I know there is a software that can generate bills, chat false things.

comment: sun, I do not oppose. You need something real.

four, kill acquaintances, people can not avoid.

fourth kinds of acquaintances kill acquaintance. That is to find a special acquaintance to start, even if others do not want to buy, you have to go around every day to buy others.

comment: the slightest advantage is not only people more and more offensive.

five, selling someone else’s trust in you.

I have not encountered this, because I did not buy the WeChat. Think of it, say it.

the next sentence, I believe that some people have encountered. Everyone is a friend, will not sell fake deceptive". When a man says that, you buy it. But it doesn’t work well, or worse. I don’t believe he ever wanted to buy you. If things have their own production and interpretation. It’s worse than what you produce.

comments: what is said here is most of the micro business, because they are consignment. Products are good and bad. No one has any reason to make such a promise. Even if you want to remedy, but also left a bad impression on others

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