5 days let Baidu Google included experience summary

      for the search, I am not an expert, but also because of the company’s Web site recently in the study.

      I think for the novice, how to make engines is a very difficult thing, I have made a detour, was the first station, in order to allow the engine to patronize, can try to, submit to the engine, and then in the other, it was pining away. It does not give us the opportunity to use Baidu Search. Then waited for two weeks, and so on, go to the bar crazy irrigation, although the hair is the quality of the post, and then go to the top, then also made their own over more than and 900 IP a day. However, the final result is that the search is not directly included in my station, Goole later to have received, but also received more. So do not go to Baidu Post Bar crazy irrigation, although a moment to IP is very impressive, but the direct result is to taste the sweetness of the moment.

      to be included, I do experiments with the company website of Yunnan Lijiang tourism network station and their green onion. After standing Tuesday, start doing Links, the old station backing, PR=5 ranked about one hundred thousand in the world, my first position at the bottom of the home Links made a link, then do link through www.admin5.net channels and QQ group to find some people, as their life is not so good shallot onions. Only from the webmaster network Links station to find some entertainment station links, but my good luck, although it is new, but the PR=3 world ranking is not bad in the webmaster to root me link. After doing these things, I often site their own station, to rest on Saturday morning at home, site:xiaocc.cn found that there have been included in la! Very happy, but also four days, and then to site:ljyn.com on Monday found also included.

      so stand up first first try to find a PR and ranking station links, I found the Baidu update cycle is 5 days or so, some brothers said 2-3 days can be included in Baidu, I think maybe within 3 days of his Baidu stand up well to update it.

      basic ideas included is the site, then talk about my situation, I am now working for more than half a year, to now stand company work for 4 months, now the boss gave me the task of the three key words of Yunnan Lijiang travel to the first page of the search go at the end of June, my salary is 700+ lunch fee (almost a month 120-130) + visits per IP Penny bonus, now the monthly wages of less than one thousand, for the traffic, I really don’t know what to do now, in addition to expect the search, the other really do not know how to do. I’m not afraid of a joke to write my wages, because the pay is floating in bonuses!

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