User value of talent network

recently a friend to do a regional network of friends told me that now more and more local websites, companies are looking for them to advertise. They don’t want to hire employees, but to advertise their sites individually and jump directly to their website. He did not understand why there are a lot of local forums, local portals, but instead select talent network as a publicity channel. It is clear that the other party is certainly the value of the user’s talent network. We take a look at the value of talent network users.

1, user precision, covering an area of

as one of the local talent website, attracting the nature is from the local job seekers. Although the local forum, local portal is the same, but these two types of web content is rich, there are a lot of irrelevant long tail word to the site has brought a lot of traffic, so the exact flow is actually some virtual high. The proportion of talent in the local network traffic is far more than the other two.

talent network at this stage is not the same as the publicity of other sites, talent network, after all, is a new thing, but the dependence on the line is relatively strong, so more attention to talent network publicity and activities under the line. Leaflets are also all corners of the region, covering a wide area, not only for the love of the Internet crowd.

2, the user of the site a strong sense of trust

talent network is a free service website, for job seekers is free to get benefits from here, which has been the first to set up the image of the user’s heart. At the same time, users need to register a very detailed personal information in the talent network, and further strengthen the sense of trust. If users find a job through talent network, the trust must be united. Through the user has a trusted site to advertise, no doubt be able to pass this trust, allowing users to quickly accept your site, your product.

3, strong consumer spending power

usually do network marketing, you will find, whether it is micro-blog, QQ, forum, as long as you can not find the screening method is very good, basically these students will occupy most of the students, we all know, after all, not strong consumer groups, so a lot of people are very wide. To remove this part of the flow is not necessary in order to reduce the cost.

this problem can really be a good solution in the talent network. Talent network oriented users are about to work or have been working groups, basically all adults, there are spending power of the crowd. The most used by the talent network to find jobs to white-collar workers must go, this kind of crowd is consumer group leader, as a business, which is not love.

4, talent network advertising is relatively cheap

talent network in terms of traffic on the local forum, local portal, we said above, there are some of these two types of site traffic is a bit high. But the talent network advertising is definitely more than two sites here, just open a talent >

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