How to use the community blog space search engine to promote their Taobao baby

1: to the community posting

here we proposed to SNS this kind of community website that, we can register for a number of women in this type of website, and then upload some photos of beauty avatar, seeking the beauty effect, but the effect is really good. I registered a beautiful woman in the name of the network to upload a number of beautiful pictures, basically every day someone to move me to help my pet feed points, the initiative to add me as a friend. Hey hey, who told you all love beauty.

registered after a good to add friends, add friends is good and beautiful, can not add a friend on a whim, must adhere to, of course The more, the better. And then insist on every day to send some of the best content of the log a bit hot, consider taking advantage of the beauty of their own resources, HOHO, this is a sustainable growth. Of course, it takes time and energy. The use of mini blog, every day to release some of your products or related information in a timely manner to answer questions to release information, which is similar to the question and answer website promotion methods. If you want to ask Taobao’s baby products how ah, a friend used it?. Ask friends to take the initiative to answer, try to describe the content of the answer to attract a little. Then the use of albums, videos, circles, friends impression, voting, selling friends, as long as you explore the means to promote a lot of.

two, using qq

in his QQ space to write an own shop introduction and product introduction, then use the QQ space has a function called dynamic space, by a friend there, to all the friends of the space message posted a message through this function, you may never have to do advertising, because you come to this person’s space, but also to find the space link her other friends, don’t think that what trouble, tired like, if so, then you also take away shop early, not even the money to endure hardship?

three, the use of blog

now bloggers are trying to do, including products, advertising. So we must make good use of our baby blog blog promotion, most of the flow from the search engine so we want to write some original articles or reproduced some others written but not completely reproduced the best plus some of their views and comments on the inside, set a good title is the key to search we used to study and the popular keywords related to professional SEO, we have a general understanding on the line, to know which problems should pay attention to learn slowly. For example, your shop is selling clothes, we can find some women care about wearing articles interspersed with some of our post to the promotion of the baby, here also recommend a Taobao store shop baby show promotion tool 2009-07-20/41. HTML use this tool can be generated directly according to the Taobao user name to promote Taobao

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