Zhang Zhaoyang not only heavy marketing of technical products missed the two major search and soc

today, Sohu mentioned somewhat heroes Twilight feel, remember that Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang had self evaluation: "I went this way and thinking is not representative, does not have a general meaning Chinese entrepreneur spirit, also is not the mainstream culture preached." Some media have commented on Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang: he does not look like a NASDAQ listed companies founder and CEO."

this period, investment will share the mentality of Mr Zhang Zhaoyang’s early founder of Sohu and Sohu for you, and why he missed the two major opportunities for search and social summary. Perhaps listening to him talk about these years of business experience, and his views on the Sohu behind now, should be vigilant and will give you a lot of inspiration.


in 1995, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At that time, many of my classmates in the United States are married early, go home every day or go to the laboratory to study, life is stable, they quickly got a doctorate. However, I know that I don’t want to be a scientist, so I spend a lot of time on the "play", which led to a long time.

but the bad thing turned out to be a good thing, because I came to the internet. At that time, I often use computers in the laboratory, I was deeply shocked by it, I think the Internet is too great, they would like to create their own Internet Co. Because I am a Chinese, in the United States there is no Internet Co resources, so they want to return to business.

at that time, China is also considered to be a very backward third world countries, so from the United States back to China is a crazy thing, but I think there must be the future of the top two trends:

‘s first big trend: the information superhighway era is coming;

second trends: China will usher in the rise as a global power.

so in October 31st, I returned to the country with a broken box and a $one thousand monthly salary. That evening we MIT alumni also engaged in a party, Xiong Xiaoge heard that I came back home, I also sang a song "send comrade in arms".

in 1996, I started my own business and set foot on a financing trip, often between China, New York and Boston. At that time, the U.S. venture capitalists do not believe that entrepreneurs in china. For investors call me in the United States on the street kiosk queuing, even tasted the taste of being distressed investors out of the office.

after continuous efforts, I finally met MIT, director of the media lab "shuozihuashengcun" author Ncgroponte, he promised to give me his company for angel investment after talks with me. Later, in Negroponte’s recommendation, there are three investors expressed interest to me, and I promised to invest.

think about it now, they gave me a chance because I was young and strong and I was very focused

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