Fang Wei 1 yuan ndiana system small and medium business to do business how to save themselves

as everyone knows, this year China’s economy continued downward, from all walks of life is not good to do business, including electricity, especially small and medium business, but because of the bonus period, coupled with user habits change, the original price war also began to fail, not only the profit space has also become less compression flow. The square dimension 1 yuan Indiana system for all weapon, facing the plight of small and medium sized business how to save.

first, the analysis of small and medium sized business business more difficult reason to do, a bonus is dissipated, more and more competitors, traffic acquisition costs increased, compared with large enterprises with abundant capital, the price war will continue to die; two, users have been tired of the online shopping and promotion mode at present, the need for new in order to stimulate their enthusiasm to stimulate consumption; three, with the development of mobile Internet users, mobile social attention has been occupied, so, to attract users need more force in the mobile terminal.

and for the above problems, a new shopping mode to Indiana yuan provides a good solution. The so-called one yuan Indiana, is actually the electricity supplier + raise + lottery, so it is not the premise of the specific rules of the discount price, the commodity is divided into several parts for sale, one yuan, then draw out the principle of one of the lucky ones to get the goods, to indirectly reduce the user’s consumption threshold. At the same time, spend a dollar can buy your favorite products, for the user, this play is also very interesting, exciting, and therefore are willing to try, therefore, for businesses, through a $Indiana mode is very easy to gather popularity.


element Indiana mode appears to be simple, but really found the commercial secret is only one yuan Indiana NetEase, NetEase not only is the earliest one yuan Indiana website, and the first maxed circle of friends, has attracted the attention of people. Through a $Indiana mode, businesses do not need to discount prices, compressed profit only transform a selling method, can attract users rushing to buy, sell fast, what a good thing ah, so we began to follow suit, launched its own $Indiana platform or function.


element is Indiana look good, or really good? We use the data to prove that it is a NetEase, Indiana yuan on turnover of up to a billion yuan, with a subsequent purchase by cloud 30% profit calculation, the annual net profit is 6 more than ten million, so 1 yuan big strength that is really beyond imagination.

has such a marketing tool, how can not? So, large companies have to follow up, at the end of last year and early this year launched its own $Indiana platform or function in the application, we estimate Tencent Baidu, Jingdong and other giants, also pay attention to this point. However, large companies have the resources have the ability to find good things, can quickly follow up, what about the small and medium-sized enterprises or business, they share a $Indiana business

bonus can only watch helplessly?

Fujian technology, a leading provider of innovative and technical solutions to the Internet business model, has been committed to

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