Alliance easy to flow

flow is a site of the soul, it can be said that there is no traffic, website is not a successful website, recently opened a website promotion group: there are a lot of friends about how to make their IP and PV up, we may think of keywords, keywords can be a good bring you a considerable collection and flow, here I want to talk about "on the other hand the pros and cons of alliance".
        some people may not know what alliance, the novice can see, master is not necessary, there are many alliances, link exchange alliance, pop exchange alliance, and exchange alliance and so on, they have a common point, you must first apply to become a registered user, now I am a talk. Join the link exchange alliance, the requirements placed an advertisement in the framework of your website, put your links and related content, this is the union according to your site submitted automatically for you, you don’t have it, of course, your site connection is also placed on the others on the site, as long as the content of OK. In this way, others through your site exchange links to other sites will get points, connecting in other websites through this integral to make your website, integral consumption through advertising others into your station, window union is also so, personally feel that some pop will give visitors tired, plus some traffic exchange Alliance on the website submitted the audit is not strict, so there may be illegal or malicious content of the website, choose the alliance to think twice.

and as a professional film Search Alliance ( is another angle opened up another space. It is effective to contribute to the ranking of the IP site and the film as well as the profitability of the combination.

First, according to the wishes of the

webmaster can contribute without loss of IP into real money. Up to 200 yuan / million. Compared to other sites to lure more obvious.

second, focusing on film search, highlighting the professionalism. In Baidu or YAHOO search a movie, often need to turn over a few pages, points ten web site to find an online address. Accidentally, may also make the computer full of viruses. Although their advantage is the vast amount of information, but the information often makes the search at. It is the search giant who this birth defect, to search segments them a chance of survival in the crevice. Hole society keen to seize this point, focusing on the film search, only included virus free and can watch online movie website. With this, they have retained a large number of film enthusiasts.

third, according to the contribution of PR, mobilize the enthusiasm of the owners to contribute to traffic. Google according to the quality of the external connection to determine the importance of a web page of the site (PR), the more important the page, you can row in front of the page will naturally be more users click. Google PR hole to determine the way to do a little change to

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