Jingdong will start a personal loan business up to 10 thousand yuan


technology news December 26th morning news, Jingdong will start the individual consumer loan business, this business will open beta on January 1, 2014 -1 15 period, when the employees of the Jingdong will be able to the first to experience the service, after the end of the beta will be open for the community, but the specific implementation details of the Jingdong has not been revealed.

is reported that after the start of the business, consumers can apply for a maximum of 10 thousand yuan of personal loans to pay for the purchase of the Jingdong, and in the subsequent months to a year in installments for repayment of $3.

previously, Jingdong launched a small loan business for SMEs, and to achieve a three minute account function. And in the first month, the Jingdong financial development department director Liu Changhong also said that the Jingdong will launch personal consumption loans in one and a half months after the main loan is based on the existing personal credit card consumption data.

in this regard, industry analysts believe that the Jingdong launched personal consumer loan services, should also be based on individual consumer transaction records to determine the specific amount of loans. (Yangtze)

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