A luxury team the future of F and Chinese defeated group cooperation or disadvantages

Groupon, F 1+1< China Waterloo Gaopeng group; 2

Tang Xunfang

, many employees are reluctant to go to the F mission." In April 16th, a high market department staff told reporters, after learning of Gaopeng to be merged with the F group, the number of graduate schools, working background of foreign enterprise employee is not a cold F Gaopeng.

recently, Gao Peng and F group merger news can be heard without end. There is news that Gaopeng had summoned all the district manager in consultation with F group merger. More news, complete with the F Corporation Merger and reorganization of the latest Gaopeng before May. A well-known enterprise group purchase CEO also told reporters that the common investor Gaopeng Tencent and F group, with a great possibility.

Gao Peng, F group, the relevant person in charge of Tencent, said to the newspaper, this does not respond".

a year ago, the global group purchase carry their originator Groupon elite troops reached a high-profile China, established joint venture with Tencent to invest $50 million, vowed to do "China group purchase industry leader", and to the global beida.

Gao Peng was indeed attracted a lot of people to join, according to the reporter, the company staff of nearly 200 people, the vast majority of middle-level staff is outstanding graduates of global elite.

however invincible in the European market in Groupon, China suffered in Waterloo. From the group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in February 2012, a turnover of 20 million yuan, to ten in the China group purchase industry ranked outside.


and F’s mission, means that the Tencent’s cooperation with Groupon, the Tencent has become the dominant, while Groupon has gradually lost control and China business initiative." 24 coupons CEO Du Yinan think.

luxury team defeated

"executives have found good homes, day will soon jump." A high sales department of the middle-level staff told reporters that the recent company employees are wondering whether the problem. Those who want to leave people worried about "Gaopeng’s corporate culture and F group the difference is big, do not know can be good with." Those who decided to leave Gaopeng employees, is not willing to move to low wage Chinese domestic group purchase enterprises.

last year, Gao Peng has been in the personnel turmoil. In December 2011, Gaopeng appointed Yang Chengjian CEO (Chief Executive Officer). At the beginning of March 2012, announced the appointment of a new friends CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and CFO (chief financial officer).

"the new management team arrived, means that the Tencent formally take full control of the company." The middle-level staff told reporters, as early as six months ago, Groupon’s people are beginning to evacuate, and gradually will operate, management handed over to the Tencent. At present, >

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