Su ningyun force Chongqing rural electricity supplier years layout 100 service station

Su ningyun became Chongqing’s first rural electricity supplier strategic partner. In July 20th, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce and Su ningyun signed the construction of Chongqing city rural e-commerce cooperation agreement, both sides will explore the establishment of rural e-commerce channels, the new rural public e-commerce support system, ecological agricultural products e-commerce supply chain system to expand cooperation in such areas, to jointly explore the development of e-commerce in rural areas, promote the new path, model of urban and rural construction. Analysis pointed out that the two sides in the market, channels, technology has a broad space for cooperation, the signing of a strategic agreement will create a national rural e-commerce demonstration area of Chongqing City, to promote the rapid extension of e-commerce to rural areas, accelerate rural e-commerce innovation and development, play an important role in promoting.

layout of a hundred service stations

according to the cooperation agreement, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce will support Suning in all districts and counties of Chongqing set up e-commerce service center, service station and Town Village business services, Suning in 2015 in the Chongqing area of rural electricity supplier layout entered the acceleration period.

Chongqing’s first Service Station – Shuangqiao service station will be opened in July 31st. According to the plan, Suning year in Chongqing to complete the layout of over 100 service stations, delivery time will be based on the current increase of more than 50%. The township and rural residents station line experience, online shopping, home delivery service in all in one service. The future of Chongqing Township and rural residents, no need to go out, at home will be able to purchase orders through, electrical appliances, milk powder, diapers, rice grain and other goods, and wait for delivery.

will launch "Chongqing local museum", Chongqing area integration advantages of resources, information of various types of agricultural products and Suning platform advantages, expand the sales channels of characteristic agricultural products in Chongqing, Chongqing to enhance the reputation and competitiveness of agricultural products, promote Chongqing characteristic agricultural industry development (Tourism).

Suning and Chongqing will jointly guide the township and rural residents in the surrounding area of Chongqing city with the Internet, the development of agricultural products shop. Chongqing will nurture a number of electricity supplier leaders to support Suning’s development of rural electricity supplier liaison to help Suning expand the rural market. Use in the county layout, Suning will also assist the competent commerce departments of counties to strengthen e-commerce practical training, push animal networking, Internet banking and real agricultural products marketing combination, provide opportunities for the township and rural residents more entrepreneurial wealth.

to build rural electricity supplier demonstration zone

currently, Suning has been in Chongqing City Business Committee under the support of cooperation between O2O and Chongqing grain group and a large number of local enterprises to expand the channels of goods and contract level, Suning future will continue to recruit all kinds of enterprise net, guide Chongqing more local enterprises to complete Internet upgrade.

According to

reports, Suning will use its financial channels, big data and other advantages, to support the development of Chongqing city "Internet plus" industry and retail trade overall >

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