Why did the United States once the second largest electricity supplier sold to an unknown Chinese Li

industry rumors have more than and 40 companies bid for Newegg, which has many well-known large companies, but ultimately chose to Newegg sold a 55.7% stake to unknown interaction.

source: Vision China

and the interaction of the transaction, let consumers out of sight Chinese Newegg, once again get the chance of exposure.

in October 17th, from the North American headquarters Newegg executive team and acquirer interaction chairman He Zhitao, for the first time to face domestic media.


, A shares of listed companies to contact interaction in the September 27th announcement that the United States intends to purchase electricity supplier Newegg by way of cash payment (Newegg) 55.70% stake, the transaction price of assets for $264 million 170 thousand (about 1 billion 780 million yuan). After the completion of the transaction, will become the interaction Newegg subsidiary.

from the transaction price point of view, this is not a big deal, even a little too cheap. In December last year, Ali was hungry for $1 billion 250 million (about $8 billion 424 million) investment, accounting for 27.7%. In June this year, Tencent and Finland mobile game developers reached an acquisition agreement, the transaction price is expected to be about $8 billion 600 million (about 57 billion 959 million yuan).

will contact interaction and Tencent compared to Ali, perhaps not appropriate, but to new in North American influence, interaction investment seems quite a bargain. According to the new introduction, the China market bleak company, is the second largest electricity supplier, after the amazon.

– was founded in 2001, headquartered in California, Losangeles, to carry out B2C, B2B and three business platform, to sell IT/CE electronic products. Its business scope has covered North America, China, Britain, Australia, India, Singapore and other countries and regions around the world.

"since the beginning, new supplier audit is extremely harsh, this mechanism can ensure the site on-line products with high quality, also has about 30000000 Newegg extremely loyal users in the United states." The global CEO Danny Lee said the new egg.

due to the high cost of labor, and to rely on Logistics Newegg have to think of ways in automation, intelligent storage system efforts. According to Danny, the new egg in North America there are three sets of automatic dispatching system, from order to shipment only an hour, an average of each system can handle more than twenty-five thousand kinds of commodities, the correct rate is 99.9%.

the three warehouse can handle all 15 million packages a year, more than 50 thousand of the amount of daily processing, the Indiana warehouse to the highest degree of automation, 7 hours to pick the 10 thousand packages, but only 4 pickers.


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