The core factors of e commerce network marketing

into the e-commerce industry has been almost a year, and this year tasted a variety of bitterness, confusion. As a little capital of entrepreneurs, natural can not afford what expert, will inevitably go N inevitable detours more growth, I am no exception. Also in this struggling process, constantly sum up experience, and to accumulate resources. The newly established network ( for He Tao Tao received a lot of blow when most people say that the product line is too short, the product profit is too low, the product promotion cost is too high, the low rate of return customers, etc.. I walk step by step in these blows. Combined with the experience and his colleagues against the proposal, today to write down some ideas, to improve the core competitiveness of the website or some benefits.

for the same as we have just set up a project or website, we must find out who is the object of their services. Know who the user is, what is the situation, what preferences, etc.; this belongs to the front of the "1", the following belong to the "0", no this, no more than zero, all white. Know who the user is, then we need to know the user often in those sites lie? In other words, through what carrier can find them, they generally on those sites;

know that these users are lying on what sites, different types of sites, with the difference of tricks is very large, in the community, hard advertising effect is not too ideal, or in the community, even if the investment inside hard advertising for a month, every month as cast a week, then, for 4 a month. If you want to catch the users in the community, a good tactic is the perceptual bias, such as sponsoring the party, with the user’s mouth and so on; if in the search engine, combined with SEO and SEM Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know and Post Bar; if in the news portal, with a soft, interviews and blogs and forums; if in the SNS so, with more friends, get a group of multiple point high quality content, is taking the emotional route;

trust, this is very important, is to increase the user’s own website (trust company). The traditional business, face to face, trust is relatively high, but the electronic commerce on the contrary, invisible, the user’s trust was not the same (not in line to buy or sell things people are not feeling!). How to increase trust? Business license, 400 free calls, etc., ICP card office. If you have 500 million knives in the bank, you can also make a proof of the bank; or, the building is covered by their own, the property permits can be up. In addition, the site should be designed to make people look at the page is the strength and ideas, you can also say that they are partners, such as Sina, is able to feel. If my dad is Clinton’s teacher, I’m a world champion.

atmosphere, is to allow users to log on to the site after the impulse to spend money, such as eating in Shanghai, if the front row of the hotel, to eat right. Of course, the atmosphere here, but also to maintain the marketing of old users, etc.. Such as the Chinese New Year holiday, send a let >

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