Vortex in the United States force overseas purchase intended to grab the tuyere

seized by customs in the United States suffered anonymous cosmetics after the incident broke, anonymous mail client jumei.com purchasing Ye Fei vice president choose to face the media to clarify matters. Yesterday, ye Fei and Liu Huipu poly beauty senior vice president accepted an exclusive interview with Tencent of science and technology, answered questions about the United States overseas purchase strategy and other problems.

in January 6th, a number of media received an anonymous e-mail claimed that in September last year, jumei.com was due to selling the Zhuhai customs investigation, resulting in Beijing warehouse was closed. Poly America responded that this rumor is purely rumor.

day, ye Fei still micro-blog ridicule, "while a high degree of concern to make an advertisement, pull to @ Liu Huipu _ Hippo brother take a picture, welcome to visit the United States overseas purchase, duty-free price, fast delivery."


Ye Fei (left), Liu Huipu (right)

Ye Fei said the overseas purchase, the main force is the United States in 2015. Jumei.com CEO Chen Ou said, "the speed of overseas purchase business is the company’s focus on supporting the direction of force, momentum is very fierce, naturally will offend some people. "He said," in the logistics and tax subsidies to 1 billion this year, will dominate the sea outsourcing market."

, a natural question is jumei.com’s overseas purchase business development in the end? In the view of senior vice president Liu Huipu, a short time cohesion beauty products purchased overseas business will not bring too much profit, but this is an important trend of the electricity supplier, jumei.com must stand in the air.

to test the cosmetics market in Korea and Japan, the United States became the first step in the outsourcing of the sea.

cross-border electricity supplier layout

2014 for cross-border electricity supplier, it is like a helicopter in general a rapid rise in the year, the government frequently introduced favorable policies to benefit the industry pioneer who.

jumei.com did not miss this opportunity, in June last year, jumei.com launched the sea Amoy website overseas purchase, 3 months after the United States is in the home opened independent channels.

in December last year, Chen Ou publicly revealed the overseas purchase plan. "Speed is the main mode of the duty-free shop" the United States purchased the sea. Specifically, the post bonded mode, the United States will be in the procurement of foreign goods in Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, and then the quality inspection and sales.

Liu Huipu of the Tencent said jumei.com eyeing the cross-border electricity supplier is at the beginning of 2014: "at that time, according to a survey, a majority of consumers have no choice but to buy cosmetics online, through their own travel or friends travel large purchases directly to buy overseas cosmetics."

this situation let jumei.com determined to eat this market.

according to the Shanghai customs data show that the sea Amoy goods in the most important categories of maternal and child supplies, food, cosmetics, luxury goods and other categories, of which the growth of non cosmetics

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