Vip com is also selling fake Moutai liquor companies began to part of business platform boundaries


liquor business and electronic business platform has always existed, the frequent burst of electricity supplier channels are making and selling some of the liquor business and the latter boundaries.

source: Vision China

selling electricity supplier controversy, was selling fake Moutai explosion.

has recently posted in the Katie forum broke the news, pointed out that in December 7th to December 11th, launched a large wine promotional activities, its well-known brand activity special sale of fake wine involving Moutai.

is selling a report after the morning of December 16th 11, issued a statement, 903 consumers from 16 days "initiative to contact to buy the special related goods in advance refunds, and the commodity storage survey returned". And said that if the results of the survey found that quality problems, consumers will be compensated.

interface news reporter learned from the Moutai group insiders, as of now, Moutai did not have any business cooperation with As a supplement of real circulation sales channels, the official Moutai licensing business platform has 13, including Jingdong,, Gome online mall, shop No. 1. But the proportion is very small, online sales of less than 10% of total sales."

business platform selling occurredfrequently with sales of counterfeit goods were found after the risk is not relevant.

, a supplier of wine vertical electric responsible person on the interface of news reporters, big business platform, the sale of fake transaction risk is not high, because cooperation is the arrival, once generated complaints platform would not be with suppliers and checkout, the promotion service fee has been settled. In other words, the only product of the refund of the consumer’s money, in fact, has not yet settled the payment to suppliers. "

There are three main types of to purchase luxury goods channels: one is the electricity supplier get official authorization; the two is the electricity supplier through overseas purchasing such as factories, Oteri J and other channels, the channel "shopping spree" product quality is guaranteed, but the price is relatively high; the three is the "parallel products", namely the authorized distributors and agents to take the goods through, which is currently the mainland electricity supplier usually adopts the way. Since Moutai is not authorized to, Moutai into the channel, it should be third ways.

a dealer pointed out that selling fake Moutai, is likely to be a problem in the choice of suppliers. Some Moutai dealers, although you can get the real Moutai, but know that the lack of non professional wine professional electricity supplier’s ability to identify the true wine, with luck, and the platform is also possible cooperation. For, when the supplier gives favorable conditions, but also want to push back through the big efforts, it triggered the accident."

in fact, the game between large wine prices and electricity providers never stop. On the one hand in response to national policy, information construction, wine prices hope to use electricity supplier channels in the industry to adjust the sales performance during the adjustment period, on the other hand, electricity supplier >

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