On the choice of home improvement industry electricity supplier two

Two days before

, the small series and share some small to some views and opinions on the road electricity supplier choice decoration decoration and building materials industry, here today, we continue to discuss how we should look at and decoration decoration and building materials industry business development.

home decoration and building materials industry electricity supplier selection, more like an organizational change. We can not simply think that the electricity supplier is to set up a special department, and then recruit some people to sell things online for it. It should be the transformation of the entire enterprise, including the framework of our business, business structure, the interests of the layered mechanism, etc..

said bluntly that the home decoration and building materials industry, the electricity supplier, should be more specific image and create a integration of online and offline marketing mode. We all understand that in this environment, after 80 with 90 slowly become the main consumer, we rely on the network is getting stronger and stronger, especially for the mobile internet. At present, the world business is doing the best of America, the United States about 17% market share in 16%, followed by Japan, about 14% Chinese, only 3% to 5%, we have reason to believe that in the next five years we will achieve this volume, such a growth rate, so the user. So, in this context, how to seize this opportunity, we should consider the key.

used to find the owners to decoration, decoration company, and then find the building materials, and finally to choose the Home Furnishing and so on, he needs to run a series of various shops, this is a very complicated process, not only his personal consume a lot of energy, but also need to invest a lot of time he. Now, more and more owners began to accept the network looking for decoration company, they can be related to contrast the decoration on the network, and some Home Furnishing selection in the network, and then enter the line to determine the purchase intention.

we can be sure that the future of the owners will certainly be a very convenient way of decoration, from the selection of goods to single payment will be completed on the internet. With the owners of these changes, then we should be how to adjust the business processes or marketing tools to cater to this series of changes?

is actually selling things online, there are several popular practices, the most popular is the representative of the tuyere, an apple originally sold two now sell for four or six. In addition, the company represented by Alibaba. It is said that a great cause must be made before it is easy. This road has been a lot of companies trying.

scan the following two-dimensional code, concerned about the river science and technology, the arena home portal system, the arena wedding portal system, perhaps we can explore together, together, conspiracy".


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