The cool days of menacing fear of suffering The climate does not suit one

19, officially launched by Baidu and Japan’s joint venture online shopping mall "cool" music at the same time, the launch of its domain name:, as a joint venture e-commerce website, Lotte in accordance with the contract, accounting for 51% of the shares of the company, Baidu holds the remaining 49% stake.

according to the product classification now on the site, main products are clothing, accessories, home appliances, digital, Home Furnishing, mother, audio books, cosmetics, jewelry, cars and accessories category.

according to the previous music cool days for investment policy. The cool days of the operation will draw Lotte in Japan 13 years of experience. In the quality of goods, through three links to control, the first is stationed in the audit, the legal requirements of the formal business owners. In actual operation, not only to submit business license and tax registration certificate for the sale of goods, the goods must also provide proof of registration, brand authorization, proxy authorization certificate store of goods sold to the regular channels.


is a genuine way, simple can be understood to enhance consumer trust, improve the integrity of online shopping. At the same time, this means that the face of another problem, genuine positioning for the online shopping group is also a consumer in Taobao. And stationed in music cool days of business, Taobao also has its own mall. As consumers, but also through the verification of the same business, why change the consumer, the means to pay for music cool days?

review the history, Baidu has ah state at that time, when looking at Taobao, pat business rave reviews, also want to be a share, the consumer does not appreciate, as well as the popularity of Taobao, the viscosity of pat, empty has a huge amount of useless search, finally got half-dead, such as the joint venture to B2B2C way, inevitable will encounter different difficulties, the use of Baidu search resources to improve the turnover is a problem.

another very important issue, has been placed in front of the new official music cool days – consumer experience.


, when, the cool days of the advantage that reference three Lotte Lotte experience: the seller needs to grasp; Lotte has sales and marketing tools mature; Lotte has to enhance user stickiness, rich operating experience. It must be clear, the global retail magnate in the Amazon to pay special attention to why, is China falls, foreign population can not fully achieve the "rome".

some of the music cool days of the network’s big sellers expressed concern about the music cool days of investment, the team and the localization of business in three areas. The business system of Lotte is global, and this system meets today China business processes, business meets the demand in today Chinese sellers online, witness to what is "local" demand.

to a cool day music and Taobao home page contrast



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