Shopex’s my shop upgrade unlimited space all free

recently, with the largest number of domestic users of B2C independent online shop platform "I shop" (,  ); a new platform for this setting together a number of developers and operations staff once again to upgrade successfully. From the application point of view, "I shop" removal of the previous auction, wholesale, marketing and other functions, the new increase of exchange points and a series of new features, users want what kind of function, the direct use of points you can. From the service point of view, the removal of the previous help center, the new increase in online video training courses, equivalent to teach the user to open an independent hand shop, greatly reducing the threshold to open an independent shop. From a marketing perspective, the upgrade, added a new marketing service package, will not only allow users to open independent shop, but also to help the user to open the independent shop, the greater significance is to improve the industry environment through continuous upgrading, so that a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, a large number of individuals feel the direct benefits from electronic commerce. In addition, my shop has also with Taobao, pat, Google, and many other Internet industry, the boss reached a strategic partnership for future development into a strong vitality.

infinite space, infinite flow

wants to open an independent shop, the most basic is the space and traffic, and many independent shop often limit the members of the space, it is not only the problem of space, the greater is the limited development of members, and traffic is simply a shop of sustainable development, if the limit flow, like in person the neck tied a rope, as long as you have a big movement, will be strangling, upgrade and "I shop" this upgrade will before 100M space exclusive to unlimited space, unlimited traffic, fundamentally solve the bottleneck of the development of the members, owners can give their baby add a few pieces of beautiful pictures, do not have to worry about the volume of space, free registration can enjoy unlimited space, "I shop" this move will undoubtedly promote the further development of electronic commerce .

cluster server, shop more stable, more secure data

if the owner is in the transaction, the emergence of a database problem or the temporary closure of the shop owner can not get revenue. This is certainly a bad business. "My shop" in order to prevent paralysis or damage to the system dedicated to strengthening the foundation. Provide daily backup data, all-weather operational support, real-time monitoring of all day servers, the basic guarantee of 28 cluster servers. And the establishment of the forum, so that the store owner can ask questions and give timely answers to questions.

online video training, hands to teach members to open an independent shop

to Baidu know search "shop" and "Taobao" everywhere is the most basic questions of the shop, especially Taobao shop problems every day there are thousands of questions, and I shop in addition to providing online help center, customer service, the forum outside, added new "video training" this service, whether you is a free member or senior member, are eligible.

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