Strategic analysis of e commerce development

strategic model:

1, resource expansion

2, the cost of capital

3, staff training

4, marketing means

5, what goods to sell?

6, online customer procurement model

resource expansion

this is the income of goods and services online sales, the main target to offset operating costs, if so, how much revenue the company expects? These strategic issues, will allow the company to assess how much money will go to the business activities. If the company is close to the electricity supplier as a cover is not only the production and dissemination of the development cost of goods and services products as the focus, but hopes to expand its revenue base to support other project costs, then it may want to develop a business platform and the strategy to attract customers. The company may have close to the electricity supplier as a resource expansion activities, the use of business strategies and a complete marketing approach. This will lead to the question of whether this applies to the development of the company and the position of the Charity Company. Will the electricity supplier activities distort the tax exempt status of the development of the company, the company is responsible for the situation in the conflict of law, most of the development companies have faced these problems.

capital cost

is willing to invest in the electricity supplier is how much money? Electricity supplier platform can be high priced, depending on the advanced level. A development company, to carry out electricity supplier activities, should consider whether to pay a higher cost, with the possibility of a higher cost of sales expected recovery. What is the likelihood of receiving donor institutions or cooperative companies for the event of financial aid? All development companies to implement electricity supplier activities to choose their online sales activities, depending on their financial ability, may have to make a decision. These options can be divided into: 1) technical hardware and 2) website design and maintenance. The company will have to decide whether to invest in setting up its own internal server, depending on the size of the company and the computing needs, or the willingness to host the site, on its servers to find a third party. Another is the development of the third party company as the focus, or is a Private Companies / ISP? Design and maintenance of electricity supplier website, is to be able to hire in-house technical personnel to handle design, development and maintenance of the company, or is more cost-effective to hire an outside party to handle these tasks change? The development of the level of income generated by the high electricity supplier website will respond in the business in the field of electronic business platform. Development companies may want to consider the use of credit card payment security encryption software, to some extent, increase the cost, but also benefit from the increase in the process of customer trust. The constant maintenance of the site, the purpose is to attract visitors, a higher level of page design and web site features continue to increase the cost of development.

staff / training

company has experienced staff, you can continue to maintain an electricity supplier website >

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