Analysis on the defects of small and medium sized enterprise email marketing

With the growing popularity of

network marketing, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have also joined the network marketing team, but now most of the enterprises are not able to implement the real network marketing, the reason is very simple, can not really understand the purpose of network marketing, but always understand the practices are ineffective, which also led to a lot of small and medium enterprises with the network marketing that an important reason not essential. Not the effect is not good but the implementation of the way too mechanized.

The following

and we explore the defects of small and medium-sized enterprises implementation of e-mail marketing, the small and medium-sized enterprises over estimation of network marketing have bought a mass mailing software, there may be a period of time that the effect is not good to throw away. The main reason is the bad effects of the small and medium-sized enterprise understanding of e-mail marketing is wrong, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises just blindly to the advertisement type bulk mail e-mail marketing, many experts have repeatedly stressed that, but some companies still make such a mistake.

SME business model compared to traditional limited ability to receive new things, do not go to a professional email marketing service, but will not spend a lot of money to carry out the email marketing, just want to use a software just try. Repeatedly try to keep this kind of marketing to slowly lost confidence, is not to say that the software is not good but use it properly, do email marketing mainly to consider the user experience, if the user receives a large number of advertising messages will be deleted or title this mail before customers see mail service providers have been blocked lost, so send more messages are not used, only improve receiving rate, improve the open letter rate, can effectively improve the effect of email marketing. E-mail marketing is the key to the title, small and medium enterprises tend to ignore this point directly to write the name of the company or product name, it is disgusting and will not open to see.

to do permission email marketing, the key is "permission" two words, let the customer willing to accept or through customer permission, if the message does not have one of them will be considered spam, which is related to the accuracy of email, really understand the mailbox owner to hair, hair must be blind in vain. Send the message but also need to control the time well, taking into account the people’s habits, seize the best opportunity to send, do not think of it, is not busy, this is not enough, the general delivery time is Monday to Friday afternoon the effect will be better, according to the company to send frequency the sales promotion plan, holiday, visit the old customers and decided to send time and times. Therefore, only the purpose of the goal is to do the most effective marketing.

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