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[Reuters] recently billion state power in the "character" is a continuous defeat, was questioned by selling short, by investigation, the valuation has shrunk…… The family live in controversy from first to last, vertical B2C doom for their endorsement, the future can have much imagination



Liu Huipu, senior vice president of

United States bluntly, in order to get a good development, to a certain extent, to forget the listing of this thing. After IPO, also had a brief confusion, to the rapid expansion and price war. It turned out to be a nightmare, and then we were awake, because these were the things our competitors had done."

despite the pressure, the United States is seeking a breakthrough. When the concept of vertical electricity supplier is already out of breath, there is a need to have two rockets to boost the time, who will bear the core competitiveness of the United States together, in order to open the next window, reproduce vitality?

"’s idea is still focusing future to implement one thing, rather than a lot of things." Liu Huipu pointed out that 2015 to billion state power network, will rapidly expand overseas purchasing proportion, search for various fashion beauty products in the world, and the international trend. The estimated according to the present situation, future overseas sales of goods may account for 50% of the entire platform of"

This is the

chip, to the future but also through the game.

The following is Liu Huipu and

billion state power network the depth dialogue:

billion state power network: after the listing, is eager to find the next phase of growth, will open a new story of what kind of


Liu Huipu: we want to increase the proportion of global procurement, the introduction of more overseas goods, which is a matter of the United States must be implemented. United States beauty fashion industry, but in fact, there is no way to make the United States before the real fashion, so it will be slower than the trend. Now the overseas purchase, after the rise of the bonded area, the electricity supplier will usher in an era best. The United States can be purchased through the sea changes in the supply chain, to solve the previous problems.

billion state power network: why will increase the proportion of global procurement to a strategic level, the overall trend of the electricity supplier industry and the


Liu Huipu: electricity supplier industry is about to usher in the third revolution. The electricity industry the first change is to express the speed as the representative of the user experience change; the second revolution is the transformation of the electricity supplier industry products, growth in the era of electricity business platform is full of savage, a variety of products, smuggled goods, goods are not authorized. But with the development of the electricity supplier, the brand more and more attention to the electricity supplier market, have to give electricity supplier channel authorization to protect the user can buy authentic.

third changes will also focus on the future of goods, foreign brands and goods and China market, Chinese homes will be able to buy the world.

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