China has the world’s largest network of junk domain name

international anti spam organization -Knujon foundation released second spam reports on Wednesday. The report shows that the vast majority (83%) of spam connected domain is focused on the following 10 domain registrar, ranked first in the new network is still the China (XinNet Cyber Information Company Limited), Chinese civilink ranked tenth, specific ranking:

1.XinNet Information Company Limited (China Network)


2 eNom

3 Network Solutions


5 Planet Online

6 Regtime Ltd.

7 OnlineNIC Inc.

8 Spot Domain LLC

9 Wild West Domains

10 Hichina Web Solutions (China civilink)

Knujon foundation will on the basis of the assessment domain registrar blacklist included: the number of illegal domain name domain name registration business report; the number of spam sending these domain names; sending spam accounted for the domain name registrar management domain and the ratio of Email services to send spam report by taking the number of domain name etc..

The purpose of the establishment of the

Knujon foundation is to help domain name registrar to identify, manage, and clean junk mail domain names. They believe that the lack of effective management of these domain names is the biggest problem facing the registrar. Although they do not have to bear any responsibility for these sites, but if the problem is not resolved, the ultimate destruction of the credibility of the registrar will even affect the healthy development of the internet.

Knujon foundation released the first spam report in May 2008, when China’s new network ranked first. To this end, ICANN also specifically issued a notice of default, urging the new network to take action as soon as possible, and hinted that it is possible to cancel its ICANN certified registrar. In the face of warning, the new network rectification program was made.

seems to have little effect on the new network. Let’s take a look at the specific data given in this report, China’s new network management of 9346 junk domain names, these sites send about 345 spam messages a day. In contrast, ranked second of the total number of spam messages sent by the eNom’s management of the total number of spam sent every day but 39.7, the difference between the 32610.

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