The electronic commerce brand from the guest star road

on VANCL that something, we all know now, VANCL reputation but this is different from the past, it is from this course is on both sides of the Changjiang River, VANCL to get the results today, we have to learn about how to Eslite this e-commerce network brand take the star route.

first step: put the smoke bomb hanging enough appetite

from the beginning of April this year, have been revealed, VANCL will please star endorsement, and in the staff has been very mysterious, there are several on the network spokeswoman candidate at the time, micro-blog queen Chen Yao also in the list. For male endorsement is the winner of the young writer Han Han.

for many users guess, then VANCL and did not make a positive response, only that in the negotiations, which tempt the netizens on the endorsement of the appetite, improve everyone to every guest this "news" attention.

The second step:

debut a get out of hand

July, 2 edition launched spokesperson VANCL from form to content is very similar to the advertisement. The Han Han version of the advertising slogan is "love, love freedom, love night, love food stalls at night, love also love the car, 29 pieces of T-SHIRT, I am not what the standard bearer, not who’s endorsement, I am Han Han, I represent my own. I like you, I’m like". Wang Luodan version of the advertising language as "love performance, do not love to play; love struggle, but also love to enjoy; love beautiful clothes, love discount labels.

is such a short ad, let netizens a get out of hand, micro-blog, forum, watercress, QQ group, Post Bar have overnight, there are various versions of "VANCL style". Whether these "improved" is VANCL style of humor and irony, which can not be met for the effect far beyond where the desired result is definitely rewarding.

third step: powerful combination to expand the impact of

October, Eslite advertising Jingdong store home page, click on the link directly to the home page vancl. This is more concerned about expanding publicity of the target population, efforts to expand its influence customer brand.

The fourth step:

advertising for the Strike while the iron is hot. move up

November, large-scale advertising light boxes in May after the beginning of this month, we will be in Beijing city 10, released by Han Han Wang Luodan, "I’m like" video advertising. It is understood that this is a single marketing, the monthly funding of up to 10 million yuan.

so far, VANCL marketing action has been taken 4 steps, and the 4 step is very beautiful, very good to win the attention rate and brand promotion. From them, we can see that the network brand can also take the star line, and the effect will be better! Of course, as the spokesperson of the choice is quite in place, 2 spokesperson is 80 known celebrities, choose them, in >