Tea sister investment Bubs listed 10 days to run cash

milk sister investment in Australia Bubs milk powder company chairman made money immediately leave.

and Bubs milk tea sister investment company, backed by Jingdong, hope Bubs milk in Chinese sold, shaping another Bellamy.

but the major shareholder of Bubs milk company to see Bellamy in a hitherto unknown crisis after the listing to earn money will beat a retreat, bugger.

January 13th, Austria China finance online report, baby milk company Bubs Australia successfully listed only 10 days, the company chairman Alan 000 · (Alan van Noort) Nolte resigned a few days ago, a substantial stock holdings of more than one million.

Bubs internal experience unusual personnel changes, which makes the outside world do not understand. Perhaps business rivals Bellamy into the hole in the ice so they are scared, money can be secured, and quickly retreat. In fact, over the past six weeks has been suffering from the early warning of profitability and market confidence crisis.

once in the Red Star Bellamy is on the occasion of the crisis, Bubs on January 3rd to complete the backdoor listing in the Australian Stock Exchange to 10 Australian cents per share financing of $5 million 150 thousand. Through the acquisition of baby food company TFH (now Bubs) by the Hillcrest litigation services company, the company’s main business from litigation to infant formula milk.

Bellamy organic as a gimmick, the success of the rise, which also allows others to see the opportunity to follow suit. Like Bellamy, Bub main organic concept. Official website data show that Bubs main production of organic baby food, rich in grains and nutrients, pure no added, natural flavor, the main push goat milk infant formula, fruit porridge, etc..

Bubs shareholders include many high-profile cornerstone investors, such as the Ellerston capital associated with rich small pike fund management company, the seven group behind the rich family Stokes, China Internet celebrity, founder of Jingdong’s wife Zhang Zetian holding 17.3%. The relatives and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Albert Tse Wattle Hill led the establishment of private equity fund is Bubs largest shareholder, holding 8.3%, and the fund investment committee including former governor of NSW, Australia AFL committee member of the football league.

rarely seen as the president of the company after the listing regardless of the interests of shareholders and the interests of investors to make money quickly after the run, the Alan · million; Nurt behavior may have adverse consequences, great to know, tea sister and Jingdong but big backer. Regardless of the interests of tea sister this will certainly make Jingdong very dissatisfied.

other investors have the feeling of being cheated.

Bubs released in November last year, the prospectus did not mention the Nurt to leave, just Nolte pointed out in the original lawsuit company for 18 years. Bu>

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