Youku potatoes after the merger of the homogenization of serious first quarter loss of 232 million y

May 16th, Youku potatoes group (hereinafter referred to as the "excellent soil") announced 2013 first quarter unaudited financial report, data show that as of March 31st, excellent soil consolidated net income is 516 million yuan, compared with the same period in 2012 is expected to increase 21% consolidated net income, but a net loss of 232 million 500 thousand yuan, compared with the same period in 2012 is expected to a comprehensive net loss by 12%. For this financial data, some analysts pointed out that from March 12, 2012 and announced the merger has been more than a year, although the main financial data has improved, but the company has yet to achieve profitability, means that the failed merger Youku potatoes.

due to a longer period of consolidation, as well as the relevant laws and regulations of the U.S. market, in a long period of time, excellent soil did not release the combined earnings of the two companies. Until March 1, 2013, excellent soil has released the first consolidated financial statements since the merger of the two companies. The earnings data show that in 2012, the consolidated net loss of excellent soil was RMB 424 million yuan. Insiders said that from the current earnings data, Youku potatoes merger is a failure. Although the company wants to build two different video website brand, but the homogenization of competition between and are still very serious, in the business model, advertising resources etc. there are great overlap, so it is difficult to produce "powerful alliances" effect by merging.


by the merger failure of the accused, but the market in the near future to give a high degree of recognition. At present, excellent soil price of about $21 per share, compared with around $15 per share in early April, has risen by about $40%. According to the economic information daily

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Baidu $370 million acquisition of PPS video

believes that the industry will change Youku potatoes video a dominant situation

Youku potatoes in the field of network video a dominant situation, or will be broken by Baidu. In May 7th, Baidu announced a $370 million acquisition of PPS video services, and the latter will merge with Iqiyi. After the merger, Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu will serve as the new Iqiyi CEO, responsible for the unified management of the new company. Zhang Hongyu, founder of PPS, President of, continue to be responsible for PPS related business and new business development. Informed sources on the daily economic news reporter revealed that the restrictions from the Ministry of Commerce antitrust investigation, Baidu did not PPS’s game business together with the income capsule.

the acquisition does not include PPS game business

, according to Gong Yu, PPS founder and investors will withdraw from the transaction. The new company PPS video business and Iqiyi merged, prepared as an incentive option pool for the new team, incentive objects include the original Iqiyi team and PPS team, and excellent employees after the merger of new entrants.

public information display, PPS had a total of

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