A domain name incident hit a new high Analysis

I just finished, did not save, all lost depressed, re write it, the mood is not the same, I do not know can not write the original text?

        I’ve written "domain name transaction is the representative of the network era Bo silly game", "fool" is a word of many stocks of people and engage in the collection of people are more familiar with the generalized Bo silly meaning, is not a few words, want to know more just to stand China Bo silly look, here only a brief mention of "fool" the origin of one word "fool refers to the high price to buy stocks, such as prices rose to quickly sell so lucrative, this strategy is often called a fool fool to win the market so, only in the stock market in a suitable rise in prices. According to the theory of knucklehead also has its reasonable side, Bo silly strategy is also on the high price, low price and low price under the rules of the game, like the baton, if not take the last bar are so lucrative, do more profitable, short sellers to reduce losses, only to receive the last bar. Bad luck."

    analysis of the one yuan domain event  

                  from the first concern misham perspective: you can go to participate in it, but here I have to take the QQ Tencent to do contrast, QQ actually in many aspects and the CN domain name is very similar, the difference is, CNNIC is the national institutions, Tencent is the commercial institutions, so Tencent QQ can only choose a free, if now QQ all one yuan a storage fee of 50, second years, then you will have people berserk, why, actually has his own value, any practical value, and the value of speculation behind. Bo silly analysis I will elaborate on the two. The number of meters has reached the pinnacle of the game. Knucklehead early game will give the economy a development, the domain name Bo silly behavior will make a contribution to the popularization of the network China early, but any a knucklehead game when there are short end, so the domain name Bo’s most stupid people stupid may appear gradually. The banker (CNNIC) organized the Bo silly game is aimed at the development of Chinese network, he has the ability to control the progress of Bo silly game, when feel a bit out of control, or should change the form or continue to promote it, someone will be out of luck.  

                  second from the comparison and analysis of CN domain and COM domain name: many people say CN meters was cheap, but I am not optimistic about the CN domain name, I told him that he was wrong. Every decision made by CNNIC is not simply a matter of making you a few dozen, or a little more. China’s Internet penetration rate is very low, can rely on the early rice commercial speculation

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