Suning compete for the mainland’s first international courier operators license

recently, the State Post Bureau official website of the courier business license audit of Su Ningyun, HNA freight and other 12 enterprises for publicity. Prior to January 19th if there is no objection to the outside world, Su Ningyun will become China’s first international courier operators to obtain electricity supplier license. In the eyes of the Su ningyun for international express operating license act, means that the electricity supplier in the overseas market competition, rising to a new stage.

no accident, Suning next week by the international courier service license

Su Ningyun yesterday disclosed that at present, the domestic electricity supplier is a small range of domestic express business license, if Suning passed 19 days before the examination, you can get a licence next week, becoming the first international express business license.

according to the introduction, in September last year, Suning began to layout overseas online shopping market strategy, in December 12th last year, and cross-border shopping site "Ocean Terminal" cooperation, launched global purchase". At present, mainly engaged in maternal and child food, supplies, health food, cosmetics, daily necessities and other categories, covering the United States, Europe and some parts of the country hundreds of well-known brands. According to the plan, before the Spring Festival in 2014, Suning will also be on-line overseas fashion goods.

domestic electricity supplier layout overseas e-commerce

In addition to Suning

, other electricity providers are also busy layout cross-border e-commerce.

international market Jingdong manager Du introduced, these days, the Jingdong launched the purchase of Chinese books full of $49 global shipping service, by courier business cooperation with the international first-class, 3 – 12 days in North American express delivery service, overseas Chinese and overseas students enthusiasm of purchasing books. In addition, there are relatives in Jingdong to buy goods sent overseas.

reporter learned that in September last year, Taobao’s Alipay, Tencent’s TenPay 17 third party payment company, became the first pilot cross-border e-commerce foreign exchange payment services to qualified enterprises. The electricity supplier is VANCL adjusted organizational structure, expand overseas business platform once belonging to men is independent.

electricity supplier foreign shares than 50% restrictions will be relaxed, Chinese and foreign competition intensified

was looking to the international electricity supplier in the domestic and foreign suppliers have been quietly "hands-on" overseas snatch e-commerce market.

eBay global vice president, Greater China CEO Lin Yizhang said, last year, through the eBay platform to realize the 3 provinces of the fastest growth in cross-border sales in Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, 76.1%, 56.1% and 52% respectively reached an increase.

for foreign electricity providers, this week there are significant positive news. The Ministry of Commerce Department of foreign investment administration sources, China originally stipulated "business class e-commerce foreign equity ratio does not exceed 50%, but now the Ministry of Commerce and industry related departments consider this limitation is a breakthrough for the future will relax or even cancel the restrictions on foreign investment. >

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