The blog promotion also is to survive

why a lot of people do not make money off Taobao? Many friends think Taobao customer is a web site, and then SEO the keywords make up waiting for money. This approach only a handful of people can make money, Baidu home exclude the promotion of the auction, but also a few positions. Can you spell the chain? In fact, many tens of thousands of monthly income Taobao guest website income or rarely do only a very small part, most are making money through other platforms, there are friends through QQ space into 20W,, Baidu know, a monthly income of more than 10 thousand people free to people in. Here to talk about free blog promotion Taobao guest experience, the details determine your success and failure and income.

1, blog select

free blog a lot (Sina, NetEase, Baidu, Sohu), templates and features are not the same. As far as possible to select the template theme and product similar blog, so that users look more comfortable, will have the desire to buy. In addition to consider the choice of weight is relatively high, the search engine is more friendly blog, our blog mainly by the search engine to import traffic, search engine friendly blog is conducive to ranking. Recommended: Sina blog, blog bus

2, do blog optimization

blog head, personal information must be improved, can indirectly improve the credibility of the blog. Blog as far as possible to choose some long tail keywords or product name of the long tail keywords, so more conducive to ranking. It is not recommended to choose competitive keyword, because the blog weight is relatively low.

3, original high-quality Bowen

write Bowen must choose the key words, especially the title of the article, standing on the user’s point of view to the title, the title can also refer to Baidu know the above problems. For the promotion of the product to write more original soft Wen, to continue to update, so more convincing, feel more real. Soft Wen also need to carry out the necessary SEO (title, keywords, keywords distribution, the chain), help the ranking of keywords.

4, build blog group, maximize the benefits of

blog the more the better, we can be used to boost a blog, you can also reduce the loss caused by the closure of the blog. Days and months multiplying blog weight will be more and more high, to the search engine into traffic.

5, you can not ignore the question and answer platform cited high-quality users

answer and promote similar products, the answer as much as possible to complete, and then join the blog link, which can bring a lot of potential consumers.

blog easy to use very strong, but the probability of being sealed a lot, mostly because of the nature of the ads are too tight. This must grasp, believe that there is harvest, water is the survival of

in short each Taobao promotion methods can make money, the key is to make every detail of the

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