Development and maintenance of the site to B2C

website after several years of development, known as a technical staff to know their purpose, not only to code and survive, but to know what we should do, and through a what kind of journey, in order to achieve our desired goals. I do not like to write articles, there is no talent, but usually boring house, in addition to years of work, but also want to know and do not know what to take out to give you a comment. Or is it all right to take a look at it, so that the province is always in mind to remember, right ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, we want to get a state. In with the social trends, technology updates era, we should speed up the pace, hehe, we all know the trend of electronic commerce industry now, network development form of the future, is to provide people with convenient services and also belongs to the online shopping, online shopping in just a few years, but for users who bring unprecedented unique the convenience of shopping, patrons can buy what you want, this is the concept of time. I also developed a tentative fought e-commerce B2C site, only less than a year, but this period of time is spent doing the basic work, without further ado, here I will elaborate on the personal views of the B2C website in the technical development and maintenance.

I participate in the development of the website is a gauze, online sale, wedding dresses and wedding dress, professional B2C trading platform, the website initially changed several versions, from the orientation to the planning document, changed and changed. At that time the location of the portal is a comprehensive wedding site, there are products, news, entertainment, SNS elements, and later changed to mall model, only sell products. And so on, the final version of the brand wedding based sales, including retail, and custom. Also covers other features, such as business shops, hundreds of cities in the store information, wedding map, wedding Gallery, etc.. These are nothing more than to be revised, from the design to the site structure, layout, to make changes to the program. We get a lot of experience from each revision. At the beginning of the choice of the framework of the program spent a lot of effort, the following is the selection of the program and the development process and the latter maintenance and Optimization:

team configuration:

can build large medium-sized enterprises to build a B2C site, it should be said that this budget can be done, but the main problem is to find the right developer and time to meet the requirements. We are configured by the staff, the main planning 1, art 1, the front-end development of the 2, the background of the development of the 2, the test of the 1. Each version will take at least 3 months, in which we changed several versions this year.

program selection:

selects OpenCart. The advantage of OpenCart is that the interface is very simple, intuitive and beautiful! (mainly not to see it, the background foreground) is also very simple, but powerful, for beginners is very easy to use, for the most experienced shop operators, after > OpenCart

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