Carbonated drinks sell well on Coca Cola mineral water and dairy products to regain a city

zero cola, sugar free Cola played so many tricks, carbonated drinks can not restore the hearts of americans.


yesterday, the global beverage giant Coca-Cola released the 2016 fourth quarter and full year forecast, due to the impact of exchange rate and asset stripping, 2016 annual net income of $41 billion 900 million, down 5%; gross profit fell 5%, operating income fell by 1%; but the organic revenue growth of 3%, the core business of organic revenue annual growth of 4%.

in the North American market, the best performance in the fourth quarter of 2016, net income increased by 8%, the annual growth of 4%, more than the North American non alcoholic beverages industry and the U.S. consumer packaged goods companies retail value growth.


is worth mentioning is that the Coca-Cola flagship of the carbonated drinks did not contribute too much, but the flavor of water, bottled water, vitamin Fairlife and dairy brand energy drinks brisk performance, become a driving force of the North American business hero, its high-end water brand in two years to achieve double-digit percentage growth.

since 2011, North America and the world, carbonated beverage business Coca-Cola began to gradually decline, to this trend this year did not slow down, the fourth quarter of this year carbonated drinks in North America increased by only 1%. Coca-Cola repeatedly mentioned in the earnings of carbonated drinks, said challenging, carbonated drinks revenue has dropped to the lowest point in 30 years.

, who used to love carbonated drinks and hamburgers, has begun to change tastes in recent years, more in favor of juice and water. According to the latest report of the U.S. beverage industry beverage digest, said the U.S. soft drinks sales fell 11 consecutive years, in 2015 fell by 1.2%, the industry’s top three sales have declined. The annual per capita consumption of carbonated drinks in the United States has increased from ten litres a year ago to about $150 a year in 2015, down from around $185 a year.


Americans become more healthy diet, especially the young generation of Americans, they more on food and drinks taste, quality and value, the pursuit of healthier food, low calorie, fresh, natural ingredients and less artificial additives. It is clear that carbonated drinks are not satisfied, young people for the pursuit of a healthy diet, they increasingly suspected carbonated drinks in the artificial sweeteners will affect health.

this a series of changes, the original is very dependent on the carbonated beverage business of Coca-Cola to expand the new territory. In 2014, Coca-Cola acquired a 16.7% stake in Monster, a functional beverage maker, and launched a high-end milk product in the North American market for the first time in late. It was the first to enter the dairy market in the year of April 2016, and Coca-Cola in China

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